Monday, September 6, 2010

The little bit of random...

Just when you think things can't get any worse...they do.

My baby Brandy passed last night. We knew she was sick, but
we didn't expect this to happen so sudden. Other than her
hacking she didn't act sick or old or anything at all. She barked
all day yesterday, ran around, and tried to eat the mouse, as she
would do everyday. It's a shock and it's hard to believe, so things
quite honestly suck at my house right now. My other dog Scout
seems to know something is up, searching the house for Brandy,
he's been a mush. What kills me too is that all my recent
Brandy photos are on my broken hard drive. This is the only one
I have, until I look through my flash drives maybe.

The worst was this morning when I opened my fridge door.
I didn't hear her paws on the tiles or her collar jingle, sounds
that went hand and hand with the fridge or freezer opening, it
really got to me.

When I was younger and would come home from school, my grandma
would always say, "That dog can tell time. She knows exactly when
you are supposed to come home. She waits at the front door, every day
at the same time, for you."
Since my grandma said that to me, it has always reminded me of these
Count the Stars lyrics...
"This is for the one, that waits till I get home."

*Always the most excited one to see me come home.
xoxo My Brandy.

1 comment:

  1. Kira: I am so sorry.

    Sounds like your Brandy had a great life even on her last day. Wish our pets lived as long as we do.

    At 51, I have many loving memories of beloved pets tucked in my heart. They are a blessing to me, and I know your Brandy memories will always be a blessing to you just as she was in life.