Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 107!

Ahh the first snow! Wait what?

It's not even November and it's snowing! This is Jersey here, not Colorado, not Alaska. What is going on? The weather is nuts, two days prior I was wearing a t-shirt walking to class, now snow boots. Insane. But whatcha gonna do? It was a great conversation starter at how about that snow? lol

It was kinda crazy hosting a Halloween party for the girl scouts who took part in the green teams over the spring and summer. Yup, while they were decorating pumpkins it was snowing outside.

"Winter's curse is just around the bend."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 106!

I work every Sunday in the city and because of the trains I'm always an hour early for work. I love Bryant Park, especially in the morning because it's super peaceful (as peaceful as you can get for the city) so that's where I go every Sunday morning. While I read my book, eating the healthiest breakfast ever, a super chocolate chunk cookie, I broke up some pieces and shared it with my new bff here. The birds in the city are fearless, they'll eat from your hand.

Which explains why most of them are quite hefty.

"Turn it up keep it coming. Cause I've got the words, to keep the birds humming"

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The little bit of random...

I love this commercial!

I'm thinking Walmart is competing with Target and their awesome commercials. I'm still obsessed with that denim one.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 105!

Bowie completed! 

I don't brag about the things I do often, it's not me. So if I happen to like something I do it's sort of a big deal. A couple of weeks ago I was working on an 18x24" drawing of Bowie for class. It was my first attempt at EVER drawing a person before. While this isn't perfect at all, I think for my first drawing of a person, it's pretty decent.

Sorry for the camera phone photo here, I took this in class. 

 I mean it's not fantastic-fantastic, a little weird looking, but you have to also realize how weird Bowie looked during his Ziggy Stardust days. Anyways, I had to present this to the class and after hearing about the pupils being two different sizes (Bowie's pupils are actually two different sizes in real life) and how feminine he looks (Is Bowie not one of the most feminine dudes ever?) it was slightly ripped apart for having a Frankenstein appearance and an odd finger. You have to expect criticism and you have to learn to accept it, but even weeks after the fact, I'm still annoyed about this. It's not about my poor drawing skills, I totally get that. Really it's about the ignorance of criticizing the parts of the drawing that are supposed to be the way they are. Bowie's pupils are two different sizes, have they never noticed that before? Even if you thought they were two different colors, which most do think is the case, there are supposed to be irregularities in his eyes of course. I guess being in a fashion school, talking about a fashion icon, I wouldn't expect them to question such an obvious trait of his. Or maybe I'm just bitter about the critique and obsessed with Bowie lol.

"Yeah, it's over. You can bet in mid-October, I will still be ranting 'bout early May."

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The little bit of random...

This was the best.

So a couple of weeks ago I posted about a project I had to do for class. I had to make a flyer getting people to call a number and leave me a message. Here's the post Call Dave. Even though my professor didn't really like my idea I wanted to prove to him it would work. A week before we had to actually post the flyers I went to see Motion City Soundtrack at Irving Plaza and I decided to write Dave's number outside on the wall and left the number in the girls bathroom, just for the hell of it. Was that stupid of me to publicly announce I graffitied? Oh well lol. Anyways, I got one text from that number the night of and nothing else. Until Wednesday night around midnight I get a call from a bunch of dudes looking for Dave, apparently the number is still on the wall outside Irving Plaza. I find this absolutely hysterical because I wrote the number over a month ago and my professor actually cancelled the project once he found out it was illegal to post flyers without permission. Who knew?

But anyways, thanks random guys for making my day and leaving me a message. You proved my professor wrong, that someone would indeed leave a message.
You're the best!

Here's the message, if anyone cares to listen.

"Teenage graffiti, slam the door when you're defeated. We're all a victim if you give us time, we're all of victim of the times."

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 104!

New Hope!
Well actually..Lambertville!

For the weekend Dan and I went to New Hope/Lamberville. It's the cutest area. New Hope is a little town in Pennsylvania and over a small bridge, across the Delaware River, is Lambertville, another small town, considered to be Jersey.

There's not a ridiculous amount of things to do there, mostly expensive restaurants, antique shops, old book stores and novelties stores, but every year we go. I just love the atmosphere of this place.

Dan got us a really nice hotel to say at for the night, it was right on the water. We had the San Francisco room. Not sure why it was called that, nothing seemed very San Fran like, however the room was beautiful. We had the coolest electric fire place and these fancy fake flowers!
Here is a the view, not from the room, but from the parking lot. So pretty. When the leaves start changing I'm sure it'll be stunning.

And here is Dan on the phone in the parking lot. Trying to figure out who to call when you lock your keys in the car. Can't have a trip without one mishap with us. lol

"Broke the window, who needs car keys anyway?"

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The little bit of random...

Viral marketing! One of my favorite things.

If you haven't read The Hunger Games, I suggest you go to the library and pick up at least the first book of the trilogy. When your done I'm sure I won't have to tell you what to do, because on your own you will probably be going for the next two. Promise.

The books are being made into movies which is really awesome and to add to the hype there is viral marketing for the first one which is set to come out in March. Super stoked for that.

After excessive tweeting for it to process, here is my DIP I finally received. I live in District 5 and I'm a Systems Analyst. I'd prefer to be the visual merchandiser of District 5 but I assume they don't have those there being that my district mainly runs the power supply. Oh well lol.

I'm not sure what exactly is going on with this and what's the point so far, but let's hope these virals are just as cool as The Dark Knight's. That stuff ran my life for nearly a year. But in a good way and it was awesome. If you want to get into the virals while they seem to be just starting, go to and register, might be worth it. I got a lot of swag during the TDK virals and won two free tickets for an advance screening of The Dark Knight in IMAX. It was seriously the coolest thing ever!