Saturday, March 26, 2011

The little bit of random...

As soon as I wake up, I always check my phone. On my phone this morning was a tweet from Joe of Patent Pending, announcing the video premiere of "One Less Heart To Break". I watched it immediately and immediately teared up. It's an amazing song, and an amazing video, with a powerful message. You should check it out.

Oh I also love the bit of product placement with JuiceBox and Mad Villian clothing in the video. I think they should have put in a little more of that actually.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The little bit of random...

In the city yesterday afternoon, I was walking down 7th between 29th and 30th heading to Penn, hoping to catch the next train home. While I'm walking I see this guy walking in the opposite direction.... (no self-taken photo for several reasons. One, I was late. Two, I don't like the whole bothering "celebrities" on the street thing, just leave them be. Anddd three, if I didn't take a picture of Jake Gyllenhaall or Jim Carrey, I wasn't about to take one of this guy either lol)

If you don't know who he is, his name is Nat, one of the two members in the "band" 3OH!3. I have to be honest, their music does nothing for me, I'm not too fond of them in the slightest. Between their videos, lyrics and overall appearance, I find them to be quite scuzzy.
However in person Nat is actually a pretty good looking dude. So I'm assuming that whole "lets not shower and wear dirty clothing" concept is just for TV, because he was dressed pretty nice, as well as his hair seemed to lack the usual greasy look.
With that said, I now question... if the guys of 3OH!3 only look dirty in the media because it's just for television's sake, does that go the same for their lyrics? Is it only for television's sake as well? Because I definitely watched Nat go to a street vendor and order a hot dog...but lyrics in one of his songs states he doesn't eat meat.
"Tell your boyfriend, if he says he's got beef, that I'm a vegetarian and I ain't          scared of him"
(From the song "Don't Trust Me")

So 3OH!3, are you just a lie, is it all an act? Or Nat, did I just happen to catch you the one time you ever showered, ordering food for someone else? Hmmmm. Life's mysteries, I know lol.

I just reread my post and I feel this is probably my snottiest post ever. To be a little nicer, and a bit more honest, I do find their music to be pretty catchy, not my favorite but "I'm Not Your Boyfriend" is actually on my iPod under my Random Dance playlist. I feel like I just went to confession for saying that.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The little bit of random...

Just a bit of an add on to the AC posts. 

Dan wasn't too good of a director on this one. Hands a bit off.

However he does take a great nature photo.

Day 54!

Day two of my weekend at AC....well really just a continuation of day one, because we didn't sleep a wink. No joke. 

 There was so much chaos going on, and we really didn't have a place to sleep since there were so many people, so we figured, why not stay up the night? You know, take pictures of the sunrise then go back to the hotel for breakfast. Well that was the plan, but then it changed to driving home after the sunrise, because no names or anything (cough, cough Rachael) but someone fell asleep and couldn't get me back in the hotel room lol. 

So yeah 28 hours of no sleep. It was terrible. Seriously by the 20th hour I was delirious. But it was all good, because for the most part I got some pretty decent photos of the sunrise. 

I haven't a clue who these people are, but I'd like to thank them for the postcard-like photo lol. 

So I severely hope I come back to AC for this! I'm not too fond of The Price is Right without the lovely Bob Barker, however Joey Fatone is pretty cool in my book and I'd like to see this. 

My goodness, I love this picture! It was Dan's idea, I took one shot of him and captured the shot so well. I seriously made him redo shots of me over and over, I think I kinda annoyed him. Sorry Mr. Photogenic, I don't look my most flattering with zero sleep and day old make up.

These are just some random photos I took. I love just walking around taking pictures of random things, sometimes your photos come out awesome, and sometimes you wish you could go back and try again.

So to conclude on my second stay at AC.
And Rachael my dear, if you happen to read this, you better not take offense in my words.
Fist fights. Cat fights. Near brawl like conditions. Fake ID's getting taken away. Cheese puff covered rooms. Hiding all sharp objects. Getting kicked out of the club. Sleeping in the car. Getting revenge. Awkward situations. Random stranger in our room, who was only there for the patron (apparently she too knows it takes the edge off).  And the best/worst, finding two cops and a security guard come walking out of your room after you just filled the car up with your stuff. 

I'm glad to say that I was luckily not involved with any of this mayhem, I avoided it and at times tried to prevent it to the best of my ability. So it might sound as if I didn't have fun but I think of it this way... I got to dress up, I had an excuse to wear a pleather dress, I had hysterical stories to bring back to my family, and I took some photos of the sunrise.

Oh and the best….cinnamelts at Mcdonalds for breakfast! Yeah it was a pretty good weekend. 

No lyrics for this post, instead....While at AC I was asked, as I do so often get asked... "Kira, why don't you drink?"
Read the book Twelve, page 101, line 5.
She states it the best  ; )

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 53!

AC baby….again!

For Rachael's birthday she decided she was going to have a joint party with her friend Amaris at Harrah's in AC. I have to be honest, it was slightly chaotic, slightly madness, and yes slightly fun. Okay, it was more than slightly fun. 
I don't drink, and I don't go to clubs (really the whole point of going to Harrah's was for the club, Pool) but there's something about AC that I just like. Maybe it was the dressing up? I do like to dress up lol. 

After trying on about 3 dresses, and after having a vote, I decided to wear the scandalous black pleather dress. I figured when else would I ever get the chance to wear this dress anyhow? Yeah probably only at AC. This is Rachael and I all fancied up. I love how clunky my shoes are. I was told to wear heels, which I can never seem to walk in. So I figured the platform to heel ratio being like an inch difference would help in walking. Well kinda. I looove Rachael's dress, it was so cute.

The plan was for everyone to hit the club, even though I don't dance I wanted to go to see the inside of the place. From my window on the 15th floor you could see inside the dome-like club and it looked way awesome. Sadly though, I never made it into the club. There were  several reasons leading to this, but it was cool, because to be completely honest $20 to get into a club just to look at its cool interior decorating, really wasn't worth it. lol.

So because I thought I was going to the club, and probably left alone since as I said I don't drink, nor do I dance, Dan wanted to come with me for "moral support". And also because I really really wanted to take pictures of the sunrise as I did last time, but no one at the party was going to go with me at that hour of the morning.

Look at Dan all spiffy, trying to figure out his camera flash.

"Sit down at a little black chair with a little black dress  and bows flowers through your hair"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 52!

If I was ever given the chance to marry someone's would be this guy's music.

I'm completely into Alien Ant Farm and The Matches, they'll always be my favorites for life. However, I don't think I'll ever be as obsessed with their music as I am with Brendan Rivera's. It's just so ridiculously good, good vocals, instrumentals and lyrics. It's all amazing. This was my first time getting to see Brendan. I've wanted to for almost four years now, since he was in his old band, Looking Glass Wars, but plans never worked out. Finally I got to see him, at his CD release show and it was such an awesome show. His new album is called "No Ocean in Ireland." It's amazing, and you most definitely need to go check him out,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The little bit of random...

My dog Scout is the kind of dog that needs to be held all the time, and he is spoiled beyond belief. I carry him around in my arms more than any owner should, and he loves it. I'm not sure how it is comfortable, but when I'm sitting at my computer, either at my desk, the kitchen table, or my bed, Scout has this need to sit with me, or really on me*. Not every time, but many of the times, I turn on my webcam and try to get a shot of him being his cute self.

It might sound as if I'm complaining about Scout, but there's nothing farther than the truth. Most of the time, even before he scratches at me, I pick him up and carry him around the house to do laundry, or find something to eat. Plus he cuddles better than any stuffed animal, he keeps you warm when you're watching tv on the couch, and he gives the best "Scoutie kisses".

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 51!

You Me and Everyone We Know....again!

If I keep seeing these guys, the amount of times I've seen them might surpass the amount of times I've seen The Matches. I'm almost certain it already surpassed The Starting Line.

At first when I got to the show I was a bit upset, I realized I may just be the oldest person there, because seriously everyone was probably between the ages of 12 and 14 (most likely there for a Disney channel band playing that night as well.). But I soon got over that. I was just about the same height as everyone else and I could totally see the stage for once! lol.

"This is shock. This is awe. This is war."

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 50!

This is just so not cool in my book.

I hate alcohol, like a lot, the smell gets me nauseated. So to have to sit next to this dude while he's drinking away at his beer, in such close quarters, I thought I was going to be sick. I've asked a few people and I still don't know the answer. But isn't it illegal to drink in public, let alone on a train? I mean this dude will be driving himself home from the train station, no? Illegal or legal, I don't care, I wish people didn't drink on the train, or at least near me.

Oh and the last time I took a picture of the person sitting next to me on the train, I used the excuse that it was around 5:30 am and I was tired so I lacked brain function. My excuse this drunk?

"In this crowded world I'll be high waiting when the last train comes"