Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 53!

AC baby….again!

For Rachael's birthday she decided she was going to have a joint party with her friend Amaris at Harrah's in AC. I have to be honest, it was slightly chaotic, slightly madness, and yes slightly fun. Okay, it was more than slightly fun. 
I don't drink, and I don't go to clubs (really the whole point of going to Harrah's was for the club, Pool) but there's something about AC that I just like. Maybe it was the dressing up? I do like to dress up lol. 

After trying on about 3 dresses, and after having a vote, I decided to wear the scandalous black pleather dress. I figured when else would I ever get the chance to wear this dress anyhow? Yeah probably only at AC. This is Rachael and I all fancied up. I love how clunky my shoes are. I was told to wear heels, which I can never seem to walk in. So I figured the platform to heel ratio being like an inch difference would help in walking. Well kinda. I looove Rachael's dress, it was so cute.

The plan was for everyone to hit the club, even though I don't dance I wanted to go to see the inside of the place. From my window on the 15th floor you could see inside the dome-like club and it looked way awesome. Sadly though, I never made it into the club. There were  several reasons leading to this, but it was cool, because to be completely honest $20 to get into a club just to look at its cool interior decorating, really wasn't worth it. lol.

So because I thought I was going to the club, and probably left alone since as I said I don't drink, nor do I dance, Dan wanted to come with me for "moral support". And also because I really really wanted to take pictures of the sunrise as I did last time, but no one at the party was going to go with me at that hour of the morning.

Look at Dan all spiffy, trying to figure out his camera flash.

"Sit down at a little black chair with a little black dress  and bows flowers through your hair"

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