Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 54!

Day two of my weekend at AC....well really just a continuation of day one, because we didn't sleep a wink. No joke. 

 There was so much chaos going on, and we really didn't have a place to sleep since there were so many people, so we figured, why not stay up the night? You know, take pictures of the sunrise then go back to the hotel for breakfast. Well that was the plan, but then it changed to driving home after the sunrise, because no names or anything (cough, cough Rachael) but someone fell asleep and couldn't get me back in the hotel room lol. 

So yeah 28 hours of no sleep. It was terrible. Seriously by the 20th hour I was delirious. But it was all good, because for the most part I got some pretty decent photos of the sunrise. 

I haven't a clue who these people are, but I'd like to thank them for the postcard-like photo lol. 

So I severely hope I come back to AC for this! I'm not too fond of The Price is Right without the lovely Bob Barker, however Joey Fatone is pretty cool in my book and I'd like to see this. 

My goodness, I love this picture! It was Dan's idea, I took one shot of him and captured the shot so well. I seriously made him redo shots of me over and over, I think I kinda annoyed him. Sorry Mr. Photogenic, I don't look my most flattering with zero sleep and day old make up.

These are just some random photos I took. I love just walking around taking pictures of random things, sometimes your photos come out awesome, and sometimes you wish you could go back and try again.

So to conclude on my second stay at AC.
And Rachael my dear, if you happen to read this, you better not take offense in my words.
Fist fights. Cat fights. Near brawl like conditions. Fake ID's getting taken away. Cheese puff covered rooms. Hiding all sharp objects. Getting kicked out of the club. Sleeping in the car. Getting revenge. Awkward situations. Random stranger in our room, who was only there for the patron (apparently she too knows it takes the edge off).  And the best/worst, finding two cops and a security guard come walking out of your room after you just filled the car up with your stuff. 

I'm glad to say that I was luckily not involved with any of this mayhem, I avoided it and at times tried to prevent it to the best of my ability. So it might sound as if I didn't have fun but I think of it this way... I got to dress up, I had an excuse to wear a pleather dress, I had hysterical stories to bring back to my family, and I took some photos of the sunrise.

Oh and the best….cinnamelts at Mcdonalds for breakfast! Yeah it was a pretty good weekend. 

No lyrics for this post, instead....While at AC I was asked, as I do so often get asked... "Kira, why don't you drink?"
Read the book Twelve, page 101, line 5.
She states it the best  ; )

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