Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 123!

Patent Pending!

Got to see Patent Pending and This Good Robot play at Rec Center! It was the first time I've seen This Good Robot and they were awesome. If you don't have their album, The Human I Am, you better get it, it's amazing. This Good Robot .

Can't wait to see the two again on the 22nd!

"We don't care at all we just came here to party."

Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 122!

A day out with Dan!

Getting Christmassy, Dan and I hit the city to see the Christmas windows, the tree, and Bryant Park. Bryant Park is one of my favorite places in the city. All set up with an ice skating rink, restaurant, a tree, and some awesome shops, the place was a madhouse, but absolutely amazing.

Dan bought me this at one of the shops. Isn't it beautiful?

We also went to see the awesome Brendan Rivera play at Santos Party House. He played the entire Musician album from his first band, Looking Glass Wars. My favorite song, Hotel, is from that album and it was the first time I ever heard it live, so cool.

I've never been to Santos Party House before, it's a small club, but pretty cool since it's owned by Andrew W.K. Something I found interesting about the place, painted on the wall in black light responsive paint was a painting of two puppies. It was just so random because there was nothing similar through out the place. The walls were rather bare. The painting was cute and all, just weird lol.

"Oh what a party it will be."

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 121!

Happy Winter Solstice! 

To celebrate the first day of winter, longer days and the return of the sun, I wanted to get a little festive. There are so many traditions to do, like baking, lighting a fire/candles, gift giving, ringing bells and so on. But I decided to do my own thing. I made a mini winter wreath with some sticks from the yard.

And then I bundled up some pine with red ribbon. Pine is supposed to ward off evil during the winter months. You're to put it over doors and windows. So let's hope this works.

"This is my December. This is my time of the year."

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 120!

"Linus is right, I won't let all this commercialism ruin my Christmas."

With all the meaningless Christmas stuff going on, like shopping 24/7 (it kills me some stores are open 24 hours till Christmas), it's hard to get in the Christmas spirit. I blame retail for really killing my spirit. So in attempt to keep the spirit I came up with my 12 favorite things about the holiday season. These are the things that scream it's Christmas time in my house, not the 100 wrapped gifts under my tree.

1. An advent calendar. My mom has been buying these for us since we were little kids. It's the worst chocolate imaginable. I don't even open them, but it's not Christmas till I have this.

2. Holiday dishes! I love seasonal dishes! Especially Christmas ones.

3.  Penguins everywhere. My grandma loved penguins and every Christmas we'd buy her a one. Since she passed though, we now have all her penguins.

4. Cookies. Christmas at my house means a mound of cookies on the table. This is seriously nothing compared to how it was 2 days ago and how it'll look in 2 days when my mom bakes the rest of the dough in the fridge.

5. Santa on a fire truck. Every year he comes around my neighborhood to pelt hand candy canes to the kids.

6. Holiday dish towels! Not as awesome as dishes, but way up there.

7. Santa's answering machine ornament. When you press it is it says "Ho, ho, ho. I'm out packing my sleigh right now. So be sure to leave your Christmas wishes. Wait for the jingle bells." As a child I swore my messages would really get to Santa this way and I would tell the answering machine what I wanted.

8. A fridge full of food, and nothing to eat! My mom stocks up on food through out the month and cooks way early in the week to prepare. The fridge is filled with food just for Christmas, and all I think I can have in there is the milk, possibly some Brita water.

9. I love Christmas movies. I watched a few already, I haven't gotten to "Olive, the Other Reindeer" yet. It's one of my favorites.

10. Christmas knickknacks.  They cover every nook and cranny of my house. They're every where.

And I mean everywhere.

11. This little thing has to be filled with some kind of chocolate, preferably m&m's, or it's not Christmas.

12. I always had a star on the mini christmas tree I have in my room. But one year I really wanted an angel. Being it's a small tree, it was kinda hard to find. So I made a monkey doll I had into an angel. That was probably about 7+ years ago and he still sits on my tree under the star.

"These are a few of my favorite things. All of those flavors and this is what you choose. Past the blues, past the blues"

Monday, December 19, 2011

The little bit of random...

The Holiday Zombie...know the signs. Don't let it happen to you!

...or let it and wait for January for it to go away

I've mentioned this term once or twice before, but I don't think I ever explained what it is. Being it's the holidays and holiday zombies are about, I think it would be best to explain what they are. You know to identify one and protect yourself from becoming one.

The Holiday Zombie definition (from Kira's Dictionary), that mindless look holiday shoppers have as they wander the mall with bags and bags of gifts, half of which they probably don't need. The look also includes a sense of incoherency, attitude, and a where-am-I?/ death-is-upon-me-if-I-don't-hit-a-Starbucks-soon expression. It's basically the deterioration of the holiday spirit, mind and you, the closer it gets to Christmas.

What holiday zombies look like:
Hollowed cheeks from more shopping than eating.
Darks circles under their eyes from more shopping than sleeping.
Sporting running sneakers, sweatpants and sometimes sweatbands.
They're ripped, from constantly holding heavy shopping bags.
They drag their feet, and at times moan.

Basically this guy...

Common phrases of a holiday zombie include:
Why isn't this on sale?!
Oh 30% off,  I'll take two. What is it again?
I'll be at the mall by 7am.
What time do you close? 11?! Why so early?
We only have 13 more shopping days!

Who's at risk?
People shopping since midnight on Black Friday.
People who have been clicking "place order" every free minute of the day since Cyber Monday.
People shopping since July (aka my mom).
People shopping the mall during peak hours, after 7pm Monday through Friday or anytime Saturday/Sunday.
People who have a shopping day count down.
People who don't know how to just stop shopping.
People that skip dinner, sleep, or their normal activities to shop.

About a week into the holiday season you'll witness a few holiday zombies. However by now, with only 4 shopping days left! You'll see 2 out of 3 shoppers have become holiday zombies. (true statistics)

So how to prevent this fearful plague? Here are my suggestions:
Stop shopping for a moment to replenish yourself. You know those things food, water and sleep? Yeah their life's essentials. Keeps your mind going too, which makes sense when you have to figure out which coupon you have gives a better deal and you don't have a free hand to pull out your calculator. 

 Now that you know what a holiday zombie is, hopefully you can try to stop the transformation before it starts. Oh and if you happen to be attacked by one, like you grabbed the last batman snuggie on the shelf and it stirs a holiday zombie, weapons are defenseless, just scream there are 75% off door busters at the closest department store, you'll be fine.  

"Either hell has frozen over or you're a zombie of a girl I used to know."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 119!

Remember that awesome craft store RagShop? Whatever happened to that place? I know. It happens to be in room. Or maybe a better way to explain the ridiculous amounts of craft supply I have...You know in the city those Staples Express stores, just consisting of the necessities like pens, folders and binder clips, but not those super fancy leather briefcases at a regular Staples store... Hmm yes, I have a RagShop Express under my bed, in my closet, coming out of my desk drawers.

What do you expect with five years of Odyssey of the Mind, once working at a craft store and being a visual major.

Well because of my express store I get nominated to do things like "Hey can you write my coworkers name in glitter on this stocking?" or "I have this stress ball I need you to decorate." Yeah...

Everyone at my mother's work has one of these stress balls, but in white. One of the girls keeps her's looking like a ghost, but for Christmas decided to make a cute snowman. Having to top her, another girl made hers look like a penguin. Very adorable. What isn't adorable though, bragging about how awesome your penguin looks compared to the snowman. No not cool. Not planning to decorate hers, my mom then decided she needed to make her stress ball more awesome than the penguin. And of course I was given the job to do so.

The penguin is really cute, you can't deny it.

Well trying to decide on what it should be, a snowman or maybe a gingerbread man I thought an angel would be cute.

Sorry for the poor photo, I took it fast before my mom took it to work.
It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty cute. Equal to the penguin maybe?

"Don't bother Angel, I know exactly what goes on."

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The little bit of random...

I posted about this song a few months back. Well now "Douchebag" by Patent Pending has a video Check it out! These guys are awesome and the video is hysterical.

"Dude! I'm not your bro."

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 118!

A couple of months ago I wrote about how I went to Colorado to see my aunt and uncle. While there, they gave me a beautiful clover ring and one diamond earring. My aunt said she had no use for it since she lost the other one,and thought I could do something with it. Well I did!

This is so exciting...

I went to a jeweler to see what I could do with the diamond and he gave me a few books to go through. I decided I wanted a ring and picked out this setting because I loved the intricate design, looking very vintage.

Wanna see the ring again? Of course you do!

 It's so beautiful. This is the first real piece of jewelry I bought for myself so I think that's why I'm so excited. It looks truly perfect with the ring Dan bought me too!

"Shine on diamond eyes"

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 117!

Shopping Adventures with Kira and Dan!

I love living in Jersey sometimes, you can hit 5 malls in one day and still be home for dinner. I live no more than 20 minutes away from at least 4 different malls, add another ten minutes and I can add another 2 malls to that list.

Only making it to two, Dan and I went to the mall for some Christmas shopping today. While shopping for our family, we did do some shopping for ourselves. Dan's mother thinks he needs a real coat, so we went to Sears to see what they had.

How perfect is this jacket? It's like an instant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man suit.

He actually kinda reminds me of Lord Legless here. I'm sure it's obvious, but the search for a "real" jacket continues.

After looking at jackets, we did some shopping for my mom. I attempted to find her a wallet. What a task. She has so many specifications like, it has to have pockets, zippers, it must be big, it has to have a place for photos, but not a cheap plastic slip. Basically it needs to hold more than her purse, but still fit in her purse. Well while looking for that, we found this.

People, if you're going to graffiti in the handbag department of Jcpenney, which is lame to begin with, maybe you should double check your spelling. Just saying. Silly delinquents...

More shopping adventures to come...

"All the lights go green. For me, Lord Legless, and my Sacred Rose tat queen."