Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 117!

Shopping Adventures with Kira and Dan!

I love living in Jersey sometimes, you can hit 5 malls in one day and still be home for dinner. I live no more than 20 minutes away from at least 4 different malls, add another ten minutes and I can add another 2 malls to that list.

Only making it to two, Dan and I went to the mall for some Christmas shopping today. While shopping for our family, we did do some shopping for ourselves. Dan's mother thinks he needs a real coat, so we went to Sears to see what they had.

How perfect is this jacket? It's like an instant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man suit.

He actually kinda reminds me of Lord Legless here. I'm sure it's obvious, but the search for a "real" jacket continues.

After looking at jackets, we did some shopping for my mom. I attempted to find her a wallet. What a task. She has so many specifications like, it has to have pockets, zippers, it must be big, it has to have a place for photos, but not a cheap plastic slip. Basically it needs to hold more than her purse, but still fit in her purse. Well while looking for that, we found this.

People, if you're going to graffiti in the handbag department of Jcpenney, which is lame to begin with, maybe you should double check your spelling. Just saying. Silly delinquents...

More shopping adventures to come...

"All the lights go green. For me, Lord Legless, and my Sacred Rose tat queen."

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