Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 59!

I thought of a paper topic! Finally. And it might sound confusing, or it might just simply be confusing but I found something to write about...

I believe in being spontaneous. Because I believe after every spontaneous action, an intended reaction will shortly follow. What I explained in my paper was that with a routine the same results happen over and over, but if you deviate from your daily routine, something different will happen, and it was meant to happen. I use finding Kevin the swan as an example. If Dan and I weren't spontaneous that day, we would have never went to the park, we would have never wandered into the back of the park, nor would we have found Kevin and saved him. We were meant to find him.

I want to start being more spontaneous for its "intended effects". I started yesterday actually. There is a homeless man I see almost everyday on my way to school. He usually sits in the entrance way of Sephora around 7am, with a little white dog on his lap. I hope this isn't too mean, but the dog breaks my heart more than the man does. That dog must have the saddest face on earth. So yesterday I grabbed a small pouch of Scout's dog food and brought it with me to the city. And on impulse, I sat with the man, just to ask about the dog and offer him the food. After ten minutes of talking with him, I found out he wasn't so homeless after all. Two cellphones, a video camera, a laptop and he actually told me where he lived. I was surprised, but truthfully happy. I worried for the small dog, whose name is Abby Amanda, I was actually going to give him the offer, if he ever thought he couldn't take care of the dog any further, that my family would take her in a heart beat. Obviously the man is capable of taking care of her, which is good.

I guess the intended reaction was for me to find out that he wasn't homeless and the dog was fine, and I didn't need to worry. I have no pictures of the man, because well that would be weird to ask of, so instead, during the College common hour, I went out and took some pictures in the nice weather. I guess that could be a spontaneous action, the intended reaction....having pictures for my post since I didn't have  any of the man and his dog? Hmm, okay that works.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The little bit of random...

I'm desperately trying to do homework. (Good job I know, procrastinating with a post lol) I have to write a paper on something I believe in, and present it to the class. Going to be honest, can't think of a damn thing to write about. I believe in things, no doubt. However there are things I wouldn't want to present to the class, nor would I think they'd understand. Not trying to sound mean there at all. As an example, my post about style vs fashion. Anyways, all day I have been saying "I believe....goodness what do I believe in!?" And after saying I believe over and over, it reminded of the viral marketing for the The Dark Knight, three years ago. And how much I miss them! 

(One of the many viral things we did)
So the reason why "I believe" reminds me of that...During the virals for TDK there were "rallies" to vote for Harvey Dent. On 34th and 7th in the city, lead by a loud man with a megaphone, Dan and I as well as a bunch of other people, held up signs and shouting "I believe in Harvey Dent, HD for DA, Harvey Dent for District Attorney." It was silly, but we grabbed the attention of people on the street, which was the entire purpose, to promote the new Batman movie. 

I'm really hoping the new movie has viral marketing, because the last one was so much fun. On Harvey Dent's site,, which doesn't work any longer, you were to post a picture of your support for Harvey Dent. I posted of picture of Scout, holding a sticker I got in the mail.

But after the Joker took over all the Gotham sites, he "jokerized" poor Scout's picture!

Well here's hoping to more fun viral well as these few minutes of procrastination giving me the ability to come up with something I believe in, other than Harvey Dent, lol.
(special color scheme just for the post)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 58!

Sometimes when Maria and I work together, we like to try on the season's featured hats. And then, if there are no customers, we take pictures.

I seriously want that hat so bad!

Also on the days when we aren't sporting fancy hats, Maria likes to draw faces on her fruit and then I show them off as if I'm a model on The Price Is Right.

Did I mention Maria and I don't work together very often. Can't understand why ; )

"We're doing terrible things. Just doing terrible things."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 57!


        I have a tendency to rant, and I never use my blog to do so. Mostly because my rants are long winded, annoying and after it's done, I'm like eh whatever, it really wasn't anything important to rant about. As an exception, for this once I am going to rant about something that has been bothering since, my goodness it feels like forever and that is fashion. Not fashion exactly, because I go to school for fashion and that would be pure silliness to hate something so much and go to school for it, but certain people's view on fashion is what what bothers me. Let me explain.

The definition of fashion; a popular trend/the production and marketing of new styles of goods.

The definition of trend; a general direction in which something is developing or changing. A fashion.

The definition of style; a manner of doing something. A distinctive appearance.

My definition of fashion; the current vogue, look and direction of a trend that is socially accepted. To me it's the craze, the fad, the style of now.

So if you were to tell me someone is out of style, because they happen to be wearing last years shoes, I'd have to tell you…contrary to your snooty attitude and your pompous view on fashion, your absolutely wrong. Sorry. (Ooh who's snooty now, lol)

Style is about individuality. It is about being yourself. Your distinctiveness. Your manner of doing something. Your personal preference. You're unique look.

Visualize ten girls standing in a row, nine of which are dressing in the latest trends. Actually they replicating an ad they saw, each are dressed exactly the same, black stilettos with a platform front, sheer black patterned tights, leopard mini, no sleeve off-white ruffled shell, black boyfriend blazer, dirty blonde hair long and straightened. Then amongst the nine, there's one girl, with a bleach blonde bob cut, neon green bustier, black lace shawl, ripped acid wash denim shorts, black tights and high top converse, she created her own look. You don't see her look in the fashion magazines, you don't see it on the billboards either. So tell me, is she out of style? Not a chance. The girls she's standing with, they are the ones out of style. They are the ones that are lacking individuality and distinctiveness. They are just merely in fashion, sporting the latest trend and fad. The blonde, she may be out of fashion, she may not be trendy, but she has style.

Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with being in fashion. There is nothing wrong wearing what is trendy. If that's your personal preference, that is. I know being in fashion is important, it allows you to fit in. As well as it keeps you socially accepted. Actually, now that I say that I question, is that fair? I have to wear what everyone else is so I blend in, because if I stand out just a bit, you have a problem? If we were all to be the same, conforming to what is "now", really we'd never have a "now", we'd have what it was, what it is, and what it will be, forever the same. You need the few people that act different, do things a little differently, otherwise there would be no change, there would be no next trend or fashion. 

So now with that being said...

On a day to day basis I hear about fashion, whether it's on the street, in school, or being read on a blog or magazine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, (which is exactly what I am doing here) I understand that, but I'm a bit tired of hearing the negative comments of certain people, on other certain people. 
Really this is toward select girls I go to school with (not everyone, may I add, I go to school with some really nice people, but this is about the select few that, to me, have been sheltered most of their lives, living in a world they center). 

It gets to me that I must hear two girls down the hall, talk about the girl in front of them… "Why is she wearing stilettos to school?!" If I had a big enough mouth I probably would have told them why. Amelia had an event that evening that she needed to dress up for, not as if stilettos are a fashion faux-pas or anything. Another example... when I receive dirty looks for wearing zombie boots to school. Hey they are weird and different, just like those interesting genie-like pants you are wearing. Perhaps since your pants are featured in every store they are okay to wear. However very select stores that sell Ironfist will even feature my boots. So I suppose that  means they are not okay to wear?

Goodness I'm being so snotty, I know. So I close my rant with….

Be different, be the same, be whatever you want. Don't judge the ones that aren't like you; those that like to blend in, or stand out. Just be you, however you do it and leave the others to do the same.


Don't confuse being out-of-date in fashion, with being out of style. It's not possible to be out of style. As long as you are being you, you are always in style.

-Bob Dylan

This might be my longest post ever, told ya I was long winded and annoying with my rants.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 56!

I used to have super thick hair, and I don't think I ever appreciated it until now. Isn't that always the case? Poor diet, stress, lack of vitamins, flat ironing, curling, blow drying and bleaching, could all be blamed, but either way, my hair has been sucking so much lately.
    I was never one to dye my hair because I never wanted to ruin/fry it, and so other than the random magenta I have hidden underneath, that is the extent of my dying. However I don't think it matters anymore because I have officially fried my hair. Usually when I go to the salon, I always have someone tell me how much they love my hair. This time around it was more of a "well, hmm...maybe we can deep condition it and try to save this." Not exactly what I am used to.
    I'm not going to totally blame the major damage to my new love of putting pink in my hair, but rather the years of using a flat iron. I, for the most part, have straight hair with a hint of frizz, which forces me to use the flat iron more than I should, mostly because I am too lazy to "crimp" my hair and straightening does save me time. Well I'm going to stop being lazy and start wishing I thought of this for lent, instead of giving up soda (I'm not religious and all, so I'm not sure why I do it every year, especially because I always forget and slip).
"And then to your dismay you turned your head one day, goodbye, goodbye..."

       So in the words of a fellow student in my Visual Tech class...My lentil vow (yes, I know...lentil? Hey, who am I to judge if her God is a legume.) is to stop using my flat iron. And really not stopping usage just until Easter, because that is a mere two weeks away. I vow not to use it until....May 11th. That is one month. One month to see how much that thing really ruined my hair. Which means for one month it's either a hat, pony tail, that weird "crimping" thing I do, or scaring people with my natural, ridiculously unmanageable hair. Goodness, let's hope this works. Not the scaring part, the getting-my-hair -healthy part. Because my next option would be shaving it off and I just don't think I have one of those faces to pull off that look.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 55!

I desperately wish I had more time on my hands. Or really I wish the spare time I do have was between 11am and 4pm (which it never is). Macy's is having their spring flower show and from the little I have seen, it's amazing. I think my dream would be to be a part of the visual team at Macy's, they must be one of the most underrated retailers with amazing windows. They are more than just selling merchandise, making it all pretty. They have these great themes and sometimes great meanings/stories that go with them.

The windows on the 6th(?) Ave side are absolutely crazy and beautiful and of course, I didn't take a single picture of them. What I do have here are a few of their shadow boxes inside the lobby. The lobby is completely covered, from floor to ceiling, actually including the ceiling, with flowers. However with doors swinging open back and forth you can't climate control the room, so these are all fake. But even so, visually it's so much fun.

Sorry for the lack of quality in these photos. I used my camera phone, and obviously with the one above, you can see I don't have much of a steady hand.

Everything else, they used real flower. Well actually I'm almost certain, that weird looking plant in the middle is a cake. How crazy is that? I only assume it's a cake because in the below picture there was a sign and it said the bed was a cake lol. I was sorta upset that the flower show was only running from the end of March to early April, but if you think about it, there's a cake in there they have to preserve for two weeks, as well as the flowers. Sounds really difficult. Plus if you chanced it and tried to extend it and everything started to decompose, ugh what a mess that could be.

"Or are you waiting for me?"
I have to be honest, I should really know this, but I don't. But if this is an annual thing, where Macy's does this every year, I really need to make time to go inside the store and take the 20 minute tour of all their flower displays. I can only imagine how breathtaking it is inside, because the outside windows are phenomenal. 
If however this is not an annual thing, I'm going to assume that Alice in Wonderland at the Marquis Theatre is the reason behind this. Alice in Wonderland has been inspiring so much lately.

Like my display from last year called "Walking in a Vintage Wonderland"