Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 55!

I desperately wish I had more time on my hands. Or really I wish the spare time I do have was between 11am and 4pm (which it never is). Macy's is having their spring flower show and from the little I have seen, it's amazing. I think my dream would be to be a part of the visual team at Macy's, they must be one of the most underrated retailers with amazing windows. They are more than just selling merchandise, making it all pretty. They have these great themes and sometimes great meanings/stories that go with them.

The windows on the 6th(?) Ave side are absolutely crazy and beautiful and of course, I didn't take a single picture of them. What I do have here are a few of their shadow boxes inside the lobby. The lobby is completely covered, from floor to ceiling, actually including the ceiling, with flowers. However with doors swinging open back and forth you can't climate control the room, so these are all fake. But even so, visually it's so much fun.

Sorry for the lack of quality in these photos. I used my camera phone, and obviously with the one above, you can see I don't have much of a steady hand.

Everything else, they used real flower. Well actually I'm almost certain, that weird looking plant in the middle is a cake. How crazy is that? I only assume it's a cake because in the below picture there was a sign and it said the bed was a cake lol. I was sorta upset that the flower show was only running from the end of March to early April, but if you think about it, there's a cake in there they have to preserve for two weeks, as well as the flowers. Sounds really difficult. Plus if you chanced it and tried to extend it and everything started to decompose, ugh what a mess that could be.

"Or are you waiting for me?"
I have to be honest, I should really know this, but I don't. But if this is an annual thing, where Macy's does this every year, I really need to make time to go inside the store and take the 20 minute tour of all their flower displays. I can only imagine how breathtaking it is inside, because the outside windows are phenomenal. 
If however this is not an annual thing, I'm going to assume that Alice in Wonderland at the Marquis Theatre is the reason behind this. Alice in Wonderland has been inspiring so much lately.

Like my display from last year called "Walking in a Vintage Wonderland"

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