Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 57!


        I have a tendency to rant, and I never use my blog to do so. Mostly because my rants are long winded, annoying and after it's done, I'm like eh whatever, it really wasn't anything important to rant about. As an exception, for this once I am going to rant about something that has been bothering since, my goodness it feels like forever and that is fashion. Not fashion exactly, because I go to school for fashion and that would be pure silliness to hate something so much and go to school for it, but certain people's view on fashion is what what bothers me. Let me explain.

The definition of fashion; a popular trend/the production and marketing of new styles of goods.

The definition of trend; a general direction in which something is developing or changing. A fashion.

The definition of style; a manner of doing something. A distinctive appearance.

My definition of fashion; the current vogue, look and direction of a trend that is socially accepted. To me it's the craze, the fad, the style of now.

So if you were to tell me someone is out of style, because they happen to be wearing last years shoes, I'd have to tell you…contrary to your snooty attitude and your pompous view on fashion, your absolutely wrong. Sorry. (Ooh who's snooty now, lol)

Style is about individuality. It is about being yourself. Your distinctiveness. Your manner of doing something. Your personal preference. You're unique look.

Visualize ten girls standing in a row, nine of which are dressing in the latest trends. Actually they replicating an ad they saw, each are dressed exactly the same, black stilettos with a platform front, sheer black patterned tights, leopard mini, no sleeve off-white ruffled shell, black boyfriend blazer, dirty blonde hair long and straightened. Then amongst the nine, there's one girl, with a bleach blonde bob cut, neon green bustier, black lace shawl, ripped acid wash denim shorts, black tights and high top converse, she created her own look. You don't see her look in the fashion magazines, you don't see it on the billboards either. So tell me, is she out of style? Not a chance. The girls she's standing with, they are the ones out of style. They are the ones that are lacking individuality and distinctiveness. They are just merely in fashion, sporting the latest trend and fad. The blonde, she may be out of fashion, she may not be trendy, but she has style.

Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with being in fashion. There is nothing wrong wearing what is trendy. If that's your personal preference, that is. I know being in fashion is important, it allows you to fit in. As well as it keeps you socially accepted. Actually, now that I say that I question, is that fair? I have to wear what everyone else is so I blend in, because if I stand out just a bit, you have a problem? If we were all to be the same, conforming to what is "now", really we'd never have a "now", we'd have what it was, what it is, and what it will be, forever the same. You need the few people that act different, do things a little differently, otherwise there would be no change, there would be no next trend or fashion. 

So now with that being said...

On a day to day basis I hear about fashion, whether it's on the street, in school, or being read on a blog or magazine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, (which is exactly what I am doing here) I understand that, but I'm a bit tired of hearing the negative comments of certain people, on other certain people. 
Really this is toward select girls I go to school with (not everyone, may I add, I go to school with some really nice people, but this is about the select few that, to me, have been sheltered most of their lives, living in a world they center). 

It gets to me that I must hear two girls down the hall, talk about the girl in front of them… "Why is she wearing stilettos to school?!" If I had a big enough mouth I probably would have told them why. Amelia had an event that evening that she needed to dress up for, not as if stilettos are a fashion faux-pas or anything. Another example... when I receive dirty looks for wearing zombie boots to school. Hey they are weird and different, just like those interesting genie-like pants you are wearing. Perhaps since your pants are featured in every store they are okay to wear. However very select stores that sell Ironfist will even feature my boots. So I suppose that  means they are not okay to wear?

Goodness I'm being so snotty, I know. So I close my rant with….

Be different, be the same, be whatever you want. Don't judge the ones that aren't like you; those that like to blend in, or stand out. Just be you, however you do it and leave the others to do the same.


Don't confuse being out-of-date in fashion, with being out of style. It's not possible to be out of style. As long as you are being you, you are always in style.

-Bob Dylan

This might be my longest post ever, told ya I was long winded and annoying with my rants.

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