Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 56!

I used to have super thick hair, and I don't think I ever appreciated it until now. Isn't that always the case? Poor diet, stress, lack of vitamins, flat ironing, curling, blow drying and bleaching, could all be blamed, but either way, my hair has been sucking so much lately.
    I was never one to dye my hair because I never wanted to ruin/fry it, and so other than the random magenta I have hidden underneath, that is the extent of my dying. However I don't think it matters anymore because I have officially fried my hair. Usually when I go to the salon, I always have someone tell me how much they love my hair. This time around it was more of a "well, hmm...maybe we can deep condition it and try to save this." Not exactly what I am used to.
    I'm not going to totally blame the major damage to my new love of putting pink in my hair, but rather the years of using a flat iron. I, for the most part, have straight hair with a hint of frizz, which forces me to use the flat iron more than I should, mostly because I am too lazy to "crimp" my hair and straightening does save me time. Well I'm going to stop being lazy and start wishing I thought of this for lent, instead of giving up soda (I'm not religious and all, so I'm not sure why I do it every year, especially because I always forget and slip).
"And then to your dismay you turned your head one day, goodbye, goodbye..."

       So in the words of a fellow student in my Visual Tech class...My lentil vow (yes, I know...lentil? Hey, who am I to judge if her God is a legume.) is to stop using my flat iron. And really not stopping usage just until Easter, because that is a mere two weeks away. I vow not to use it until....May 11th. That is one month. One month to see how much that thing really ruined my hair. Which means for one month it's either a hat, pony tail, that weird "crimping" thing I do, or scaring people with my natural, ridiculously unmanageable hair. Goodness, let's hope this works. Not the scaring part, the getting-my-hair -healthy part. Because my next option would be shaving it off and I just don't think I have one of those faces to pull off that look.

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