Sunday, April 24, 2011

The little bit of random...

I'm desperately trying to do homework. (Good job I know, procrastinating with a post lol) I have to write a paper on something I believe in, and present it to the class. Going to be honest, can't think of a damn thing to write about. I believe in things, no doubt. However there are things I wouldn't want to present to the class, nor would I think they'd understand. Not trying to sound mean there at all. As an example, my post about style vs fashion. Anyways, all day I have been saying "I believe....goodness what do I believe in!?" And after saying I believe over and over, it reminded of the viral marketing for the The Dark Knight, three years ago. And how much I miss them! 

(One of the many viral things we did)
So the reason why "I believe" reminds me of that...During the virals for TDK there were "rallies" to vote for Harvey Dent. On 34th and 7th in the city, lead by a loud man with a megaphone, Dan and I as well as a bunch of other people, held up signs and shouting "I believe in Harvey Dent, HD for DA, Harvey Dent for District Attorney." It was silly, but we grabbed the attention of people on the street, which was the entire purpose, to promote the new Batman movie. 

I'm really hoping the new movie has viral marketing, because the last one was so much fun. On Harvey Dent's site,, which doesn't work any longer, you were to post a picture of your support for Harvey Dent. I posted of picture of Scout, holding a sticker I got in the mail.

But after the Joker took over all the Gotham sites, he "jokerized" poor Scout's picture!

Well here's hoping to more fun viral well as these few minutes of procrastination giving me the ability to come up with something I believe in, other than Harvey Dent, lol.
(special color scheme just for the post)

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