Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 126!

Note to self: Before dying hair, make sure you are not unconsciously trying to replicate a character from your favorite movie.

I started to dye underneath my hair pink again. Well first it started with a Lisa Frank pink/purple color, which faded fast except for the roots. Then I went with a pink/red color which faded just as fast though the purple in my roots is still evident. Not sure if you can see the colors against the red shirt/using my webcam, but I promise they are there.

It's sad to say, but my hair is kinda looking like this guy. A firey from Labyrinth. I suppose there are worse things to look like.

No, actually there aren't.

"Hey, her head don't come off!"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 125!

How did it know!?

I got this fortune in my cookie the other day and I find it crazy only for the fact that this semester I'm going to be taking statistics. I can't even explain how much I'm dreading it.

I'll try fortune cookie, I'll try. But I make no promises.

"Hey you! Yeah you! Is it true? Were your best days in school?"

Friday, January 13, 2012

The little bit of random...

I may be the most obnoxious person on the planet.

The other day I played battleship for the first time! I know, how can that be possible? I owned it before, but never ever played it. So Dan and I decided to play it (I murdered that game), and while playing Dan sunk one of my ships, so like the commercial I yelled "You sunk my battleship!" Apparently, and I had no idea, not all the ships you have are battleships! Who knew? And Dan didn't actually sink my battleship but sunk something else. So to be the annoying person that I am, after anything he sunk of mine, I came up with new names like, you sunk my kayak! rowboat! canoe! raft! submarine! I find myself more amusing than most, I get that. When we were playing a second game I suddenly ran out of other watercraft names, so I shouted "You sunk my cheerio!"

Oh Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. I used to read my sister's comics when I was 14 and that was one of them. Happy Noodle Boy was a comic within that comic and I always loved the quote "You will not sink my cheerio!" from it. Any time someone bothers me, I always think of that quote and it makes me laugh.

"I'm sinking like a stone in the sea."

Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 124!

Merry Little Christmas!
Happy Three Kings Day!
Merry 12th Day of Christmas!

Some how with the chaos of the holidays I forgot to take any photos and post for Christmas. So instead for Little Christmas I'll do a post of some amazing things I got for Christmas.

If you know me, then you know I am obsessed with Rainbow Brite. Have been since I was a kid. I seriously have a decent sized collection of the original dolls. I happened to be missing one and the amazing Dan found it for me. Kitty Brite! It's insane for a white furred doll, circa 1985, to be in this good of condition.

My brother is a genius. I had asked for these light up jars that are on thinkgeek.com. There are few different ones, either they just emit a color, purple, yellow, blue, or they have two that look as if there are fire flies in them. They range between twenty and thirty dollars, kinda pricey. My brother decided to be creative, and actually made me red and blue light up jars instead. How cool is this?

I looove the artist Arthur Rackham. He illustrated for an Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Peter Pan book and a few other fairytales. My mom bought me this book and I was so psyched about it because there is a piece of his that I absolutely love and wanted. The Old Woman in the Woods. There is just something about that illustration that I adore and I got it now!

Next to Rainbow Brite, Alien Ant Farm is another obsession of mine. They've been my favorite band since I'm twelve. Before they were on a huge label they put out an albulm called "Greatest Hits". This cd is near impossible to find, and if you do find it it's over 100 bucks. Go check ebay! My sister somehow found it and I was speechless when she gave it to me. It's seriously sitting on my shelf like a trophy.

"She lays to watch her fly. Attracted towards the light."