Saturday, July 30, 2011

The little bit of random...

I always attempt to go to bed early, in hopes I can wake up early. However if Teen Nick continues to play shows from the 90's this is never going to happen.

So Nickelodeon's Teen Nick is now my favorite channel. From midnight to 4am, they are playing shows from the 90's. How ridiculously awesome is that? The last two nights I've watched it, and they showed four shows in a two hour block and then repeated it. Here's what they've played so far.

 All That, Kenan and Kel, Clarissa Explains It All (I might be using Clarissa's style as inspiration for the upcoming fall season. Her style is killer), and Doug.

It's crazy watching these shows, and actually remembering an episode, or seeing how young everyone was. I.E. Kenan Thompson. I'm really hoping they continue with this 90's block, even making it longer. Or, and I'm sure many 20-somethings would agree, making an entire channel of the old shows. Possibly including some of the 80's shows too, you know for the older kids. Why not?

Although the four shows they picked are extremely awesome, I'm hoping for some others too, like: Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold!, The Roundhouse, Salute Your Shorts, Rugrats, Welcome Freshmen, Pete and Pete, Alex Mack, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Weinerville, KaBlam!, and I'm sure I'm missing a few others.

In celebration of the awesomeness, I'm thinking I should have a "The 90's are All That" party. Dressing very 90's would be a must, as well as having 90's junk food. I know food hasn't changed THAT much since the 90's so maybe it would just be food we would have eaten back then. So Hawaiian Punch juice boxes, Squeeze-Its, Dunk-a-roos, French Toast Crunch cereal (color changing spoon optional), Bubble Beeper gum, and maybe even Happy Meals! I also think Gak or Moon shoes will only make the party more awesome. However being they are a huge distraction no Tamagotchis (or Dinkie Dinos) would be allowed. They must be left home for Mom to take care, like when you went to school.

 "I remember as if it were yesterday. The good o' days back in nineteen-nighty-three."

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 90!


My parents' friends just recently got married, and they were nice enough to invite the entire family. I haven't been to a wedding since I was younger, so I never realized how beautiful they were. I felt so lame trying to hold back the tears as the couple said their vows, it was the sweetest thing. But then when I looked at my mom and she was wiping her smearing mascara, I didn't feel so lame anymore lol.

I didn't know it until we arrived, although my family was all invited, I in fact was not. "Kyra" however was. Hoping no one knew the difference I crossed her name out and put mine, Kira, in its place. Such a wedding crasher!

I don't even get bothered by it anymore, when I see people misspell my name. When I receive holiday or birthday cards, 75% of the time my name is spelled wrong. It's either Kyra, Kiera, Keira, Kiara, Kara, Kari, Kerry or Kerri. No joke. Being my name is only four letters long, and has been my name since the day I was born, you would think eventually people would get the hang of it. Guess not. 

Heather and Joe!
My sister's hair was the talk of the party. Not only with the adults, but the little kids were obsessed with it. It was the cutest thing when a five year old girl asked if she could touch it.

My mom and Hugh! I'm glad my stepdad doesn't read my blog, if he saw I posted this photo I'm sure he'd be upset, being his eyes are half open.

Hands down this is the cutest baby ever. Already hitting the Corona, lol.

This gentleman here hit the dance floor as soon as they played the first song, Billy Idol's Rebel Yell. He was the life of the party, on the dance floor the entire night. He was so awesome.

This is Heather and I taking corny pictures. We're really good at it. 

So are Joe and I.

Also, according to an older lady sitting at our table, she claimed our table was the fun table, and Joe was the entertainment. I love old people.

"They call me hell. They call me Stacey. They call me her. That's not my name. That's not my name."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 89!

Warped Tour!
I swear only the strong make it through the day.

My first Warped Tour was in 2002, I was rather young I think, didn't really care who I saw, just mattered that I was there. I do remember a few bands I did see, The Damned, New Found Glory, 5 Cent Deposit, Good Charlotte, NoFX, Reel Big Fish, MxPx and Flogging Molly. I'm sure there were more, but I don't really remember.

Here is the view of Warped Tour from my hotel room, this was 2003. I was a spoiled brat then. My parents owned the company that ran the security for the Warped Tour in Asbury Park, which meant I got in for free, as well as I got an all access pass. I didn't abuse my privileges at all. Though I could sit back stage and watch the bands, I didn't bother. I only used my pass to go in and out of the hotel/security room so I could get water, food and a little cool air relief.

(Don't mind my photo of a photo)
It's insane how many people go to Warped Tour, it was still morning when I took this shot too, imagine what 4pm looked like.

No longer spoiled I pay for my own tickets to Warped Tour now, which honestly for the amount of bands playing, just over $40 isn't so bad. Especially when you really really like the bands. So on my list of bands to see were...Patent Pending, The Venetia Fair, Terrible Things, Go Radio, The Ground Breaking Ceremony and Less Than Jake. I wasn't able to catch the full set of Terrible Things because it interfered with Patent Pending, and I wasn't able to see The Ground Breaking Ceremony because they were bumped due to their stage arriving late. Psh, so not fair.

But I did get to see Less than Jake! Who brought a kid on stage, shaved his head to a mohawk and had three girls come up and make out with him.

I was able to check out The Venetia Fair. Who is nuts!

See the guy hanging upside down in the back there, yeah while at their merch tent, he took my hand and had me try to choke him. I politely told him I rather not kill him, I mean I did go to Warped specifically to see his band play.

And the best! I got to see Patent Pending. They are so great.
I never get photos of the entire band at once.

So three separates are fine. I think Marc is the only dude that can pull off an American flag shirt like that. So cool.

Go Radio was the last band I saw. Jason has such a great voice! I met them after their set, and they are the nicest guys. 

I also got to see this awesomely creepy tree! Starving, after the show we stopped at Mcdonalds. They had a huge play place outside, with these really scary trees. Totally wouldn't want to sit near him while eating, it's just uncomfortable.
So to conclude Warped Tour... Being it was 99 degrees, literally the hottest day of summer so far, the heat was more than slightly terrible. It was annoying to find myself one of the only girls who kept their clothes on (bikini tops and bras seemed to be the fashion of choice). I didn't get as much free stuff as I had in previous years and my soft pretzel was rock hard! However the bands I saw/met were way awesome and that's all that matters at Warped Tour. I'm kinda hoping the few I did see extend their days on tour until the first week of August, because there might be a slight chance I'll be going to another Warped Tour. But where I'm going is a secret/surprise, so I have to keep quiet.

Goodness what a cliff hanger...

"So fight fight cause you're fighting for your life. Somebody call a medic she just went automatic. Hands up like you're reaching for the sky."

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 88!

There are two things that I live for. One is going to shows and two...


I've spent more birthdays playing laser tag than probably eating cake (I'm not one for cake though). I wanted to plan a game of laser tag for my birthday again, however I may have class that day and my birthday is in August, and who wants to wait that long? Especially when Funtime America just bought new guns that actually work, unlike their old ones. So I planned a group game of laser tag. I can't even explain how psyched I was to play, I love running around with a laser gun. So hyper, I was yelling that everyone was going down, I'm the master of laser tag and blah, blah, blah. Clearly I am all talk. With these new laser guns we get score cards, telling you which team, blue or red, won and then your individual score. Yeah my team lost and out of ten people playing, I'm not even going to say how awful I did. But obviously I need to work on my aim.

The second game I did amazingly better. My team won and I got SECOND PLACE! Which I tied for with my sister. On the score card I'm The Borg. Don't know where these names came from, we definitely didn't pick them out. lol.

Here are a few of us from laser tag after the first game. From left to right. Bill, Heather, Blake, Garvin, Dan and me. Taking the photo was Maria, and in the arcade cooling off was Rachael, Roger, and Todd.

There's this place not too far that has outdoor laser tag, it's $25 for 90 minutes. The players take it extremely seriously and it seems intense. I'm thinking we're going to have to plan a game at this place soon. Anyone in?

"These kids are all kill, no thrill."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 87!

I love this ad!

And not only because I envy anyone that can go out in the sun and actually tan, while I'm as pale as they come no matter what. But because tanning is really really terrible for you. As proof, my dad has skin cancer, and it's wicked. And even though the doctor tells him to stay out of the sun, he doesn't listen, so every six-months he has to visit the dermatologist to get the cancer burned off. How awful.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The little bit of random...

I posted nearly 20 photos about my PA day trip and honestly there was so much more I wanted to post about and didn't. So I'm doing a side post about "Day 86!", adding my side comments. 
First, I've realized how I explained that the trestle frightened me some, it made me seem very much a wuss. While that might be semi-true, I'd like you to look at it at my point. Look at those gaps between the wood, and look at that distance down. Also look at that rotting, broken wood.
Also take a look at this stunt. Okay yeah I was ten at the time, but I did this when I was 18 as well, with taller dudes. Also did this with the bases' arms fully extended, while I stood on one foot. 
"I laugh in the face of danger."(Lion King reference, bet Rachael caught that one ) Okay, not really, but heights aren't not my thing. Okay? lol.
So some of the graffiti at the ruins was done very nicely. I will admit, this is talent. They painted The Eye of Horus beautifully.
However this sucked. They made me do it? First off, the typography is nothing like the movie (Donnie Darko). And that is the poorest attempt at Frank the bunny ever. He was shot in his eye, not the nose!
Just so you can see for yourself.

I love how hardcore the kids are that come here. They trash the place, party a bit, drinking/doing drugs and then spray up the walls with their emo lyrics! Nothing against Brand New at all, I do love them and their lyrics. But you kids aren't as hardcore as you think you are. Someone even sprayed "All you need is love" on a wall as well. The hardcore.

Life won't wait and I guess neither will you. Can't wait till you are 21 to party at a bar and not the woods... Sorry for the hostility, I guess because I don't drink I'm very much against underage drinking. As well as defacing private property. But you know trespassing I'm cool with. lol
While I don't like tagging buildings and graffitiing, I did find these pretty cool.

I especially like how the wall broke down.
I am convinced that this is the Maniac symbol. Supposedly the guys have said its been spotted around a lot lately. 
What do you think?

Since I'm short, I couldn't see inside to read the rest of this, but I'm fairly certain that the rest says "I AM A SATYR." Because that's exactly what a half man, half goat is. Which is awesome.

Now, I've saved the best/most important for last. I NEED HELP! The room with the creepy chair left abandoned reminded me of a music video and I can't figure out which one! I'm convinced it's from the early 2000's, however maybe it's a very recent video. I'm not sure. Can anyone think of the music video I'm picturing? Click the photo to make it larger, that might help. If anyone is to figure this out, I swear I will reward them. I seriously spent the better half of yesterday on youtube trying to figure it out. But nope nothing.

My sister and I went over a bunch of bands that it could be, here's what we got: Korn, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, The Offspring, Sevendust and Blink 182 (possibly Adam's Song). Even with all these bands we still can't figure out the video though. Help!

"Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit? Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 86!

Adventures in Pennsylvania! My stepsister, Blake lives in Whitehall, PA. She's always telling me about these places she goes to with her friends, places you're really not suppose to trespass, but no one follows those rules anyways. They sounded ridiculously interesting, so Dan and I decided that we were going to meet her in Pennsylvania so she could show us and then we would take her back to Jersey.

Our first stop was the Trestle. An old abandoned bridge, with train tracks, that cross the Lehigh River.

Here were our tour guides. Blake and her friend Christina. I think they enjoyed my expression when I realized where we were.

Photos do no justice sometimes. I wish it were possible to actually show how high up we were. We were crazy high up. This was probably the most dangerous thing I have ever done. One, this thing was ridiculously high as I said. Two, we were over a river, a very shallow river with rocks. Three, a lot of the wood was rotted and breaking, I was ready to step on a board and fall right through. Four, I'm almost certain I have vertigo and goodness did this make me dizzy.

I never realized it until now, but I might be afraid of heights. Or maybe just dangerous heights. Because the ten foot ladder at work, yeah no problem, not to mention I used to be a flyer in cheerleading, heights = no problem. However, dangerous heights = heart beating to a point I have never witnessed before.

Most of my photos came out like a mess, I think I was more worried about not falling then if my hair was blowing in the shot, as you can see below. Oh shoot, number five on the list of why it was dangerous, it was a bit windy too.

I wanted so much to walk to the other side, follow the tracks to where they curved into the woods which was so cool. But being there were huge gaps in the tracks with missing wood, I couldn't make it over.

I love how if it weren't for this little bit of track showing, you wouldn't even know a train once went through here. 

This was outside the entrance of the trestle. I love this old sign, though it might be best to get a new one.

So after the trestle we went to the ruins. It's a very interesting place of old concrete building, that are dilapidated and covered in greenery. It's extremely cool, and you know totally safe. I researched this play slightly and anything I find about it doesn't explain much of what it was. I have my own ideas by the shape of the buildings and some of the strange tunnels, but I keep finding things online about trolleys and cement factories, but to me it totally looks like an old army base. So if anyone knows of this area, please inform me. 

Like what was this octagon looking building? 

From what I gather now, this is where people go to play paintball/airsoft, as well as party/drink/do drugs and pretend they are artists by graffitiing. Though I will admit some of the graffiti was kinda cool, some not so much. I'll post about that later. This was inside the octagon building, it had hallways and rooms, and a few skylights, some small and some huge.

Like this one. Part of the roof on this building was completely gone, you could see straight down to below floor level. Like I said, totally safe!

These stairs reminded me of Labyrinth, except you couldn't walk them upside down...sadly.

Creepy! Random stool in one of the rooms.

Whoa, I totally get it now, this was place was the first Taco Bell!

Okay, so not really.

While exploring we were sorta chased by a homeless man. Kinda scary, but sorta used to it, I go to school in the city. To be prepared if we were attacked, Dan carried a large rock as a weapon, Blake and Christina opted for sticks, while I went with this weird/cool cat selfdefense keychain. Luckily we weren't attacked. 

I feel this is easier to identify than the octagon building. I imagine this was a church, right?

I mean, look at the windows. I could totally picture them to once hold stain glass. 

However if not, it's the place from the movie the Secret Garden. Being inside four brick walls, it really does look like a secret garden.

This was another structure in the area. The structures were so cool. Not the way they were covered in graffiti and litter, but how mother nature was taking over them. There was one structure that when you walked up the steps of it, there were trees and shrubs growing on the roof. How crazy.

So....what was this place exactly? I'm so interested! I'm going to have to buy a book about the town and see if that helps, or possibly contact the owner of the land. I found out who he is, but possibly contacting him isn't the best thing. I was trespassing on his property, sure he wouldn't appreciate that. lol.

I hope to find out soon because I'd like to go back and take better photos. I didn't really get photos of the full structure, nor did I even try to get pretty shots. Hopefully, if Blake and Christina are willing to be tour guides once more, I can try again. I'd like to wait for the fall though. Being it was about 95 degrees out, I thought I was going to pass out from heatstroke. Also the less grass/weeds, the easier to navigate around, see things, as well as not take home ticks this time.

"As I recall, they hadn't mentioned this at all. My heart was racing like a sprinter. That tripped and fell."