Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 84!

Explorations with Scoutie.

Theres this place by my house we call the black path. Dan and I went there the other day, but for some reason there were some older men there, and then cops at the end of the path, so we didn't really stay long or explore as much as we'd like. Curious to know what was going on up there, I took Scout with me to check it out.
I love this photo of Scout.

It had just rained and there were such gorgeous flowers, that I tried to take photos of, but I couldn't exactly reach them.  After several close up attempts I went further up the path to find this. 
I might have said earlier that I find beauty in destruction, but this is not what I had meant. It really annoys me that people take garbage up to the path, using it as a landfill. I'm not sure why but whoever brought the couch up there, destroyed it, and threw the pieces of it further off the path into the woods.

They also brought a table up there to break, as well as an umbrella which they burned. Lovely.

Nothing too photo worthy with the garbage, Scout and I went back to the flowers to try to get a closer shot. Success.

"To a world where madness craves."

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