Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 87!

I love this ad!

And not only because I envy anyone that can go out in the sun and actually tan, while I'm as pale as they come no matter what. But because tanning is really really terrible for you. As proof, my dad has skin cancer, and it's wicked. And even though the doctor tells him to stay out of the sun, he doesn't listen, so every six-months he has to visit the dermatologist to get the cancer burned off. How awful.

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  1. hi kira.

    so, you don't know me. but does the name lina cabrales ring a bell at all?

    she's dead, just so you know. and i read every post on her blog, ever since i started blogging. she was my first ever reader on my own blog and i really, really cared for her. i was with her this entire journey and then she went and killed herself. i was with her through that entire blog and i couldn't save her. i barely knew her.

    so while i appreciate your kind words on her last post, you couldn't have done anything. lina was broken for a long, long time. very sorry to taint you pretty blog with sad words.