Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 82!

Beauty in destruction...

Everyday I take the train into the city, the train passes Perth Amboy's waterfront. It's not anything extravagant at the moment, but I'm pretty sure they are working on it. There's a lot of graffiti, litter, and buildings that once stood, are now piles of concrete/rubble. While it might be pure destruction, I find beauty in it. Dan and I have been talking about having a photo shoot, either putting together outfits and doing it ourselves, finding someone to do it, or what Dan would really like to do, find a band. But of course you need a proper backdrop and I think Perth Amboy would be perfect. So I went there, acting as a scout, finding locations that would make a great backdrop, I also took photos of random findings for the hell of it.

This is where my train train passes, the water might look blue right now, but it's really the grossest water. It's contaminated with lead, and I'm sure other stuff as well.

While "scouting" I found a bunch of bricks on the beach. It's supposed to say "S & F Co", short for the Sayre and Fisher Brick Company. They are pretty old bricks, since the company closed down in 1948, but they're also kinda famous. It's where my town's name came from, and what my town was known for...making bricks. So it's kinda cool to find them. Oh also, Kennedy Park is where they used to dig up clay to make the bricks. (*the more you know...)

I'm not sure why this picture looks so edited, but I didn't photoshop it or anything.

I stood under the train tracks when a train passed by, but I kinda freaked out and didn't stay long enough to get a good photo.

So instead I got one as I explored further.

So above the beach, where the buildings were all knocked down, there was more than just rubble, there was clothing, hardhats, office supplies, parts of a crane and some doors. I thought this was the cutest thing, a plant growing up and out of a doorknob hole of a door. 

Not sure what this ramp was for, but I think it would make for a cool photo shoot background.

I love when mother nature takes over.

Sorta just thought that the ground looked cool.

So some of the places we found might be awesome to use, however, I love the whole death and destructions theme and the greenery takes away from that lol. I'm partial to fall, so that might be a better time for these photos. Or possibly early spring. We shall see.

"I sent you a post card. But the post office sent it back. They said the buildings been torn down."

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