Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 89!

Warped Tour!
I swear only the strong make it through the day.

My first Warped Tour was in 2002, I was rather young I think, didn't really care who I saw, just mattered that I was there. I do remember a few bands I did see, The Damned, New Found Glory, 5 Cent Deposit, Good Charlotte, NoFX, Reel Big Fish, MxPx and Flogging Molly. I'm sure there were more, but I don't really remember.

Here is the view of Warped Tour from my hotel room, this was 2003. I was a spoiled brat then. My parents owned the company that ran the security for the Warped Tour in Asbury Park, which meant I got in for free, as well as I got an all access pass. I didn't abuse my privileges at all. Though I could sit back stage and watch the bands, I didn't bother. I only used my pass to go in and out of the hotel/security room so I could get water, food and a little cool air relief.

(Don't mind my photo of a photo)
It's insane how many people go to Warped Tour, it was still morning when I took this shot too, imagine what 4pm looked like.

No longer spoiled I pay for my own tickets to Warped Tour now, which honestly for the amount of bands playing, just over $40 isn't so bad. Especially when you really really like the bands. So on my list of bands to see were...Patent Pending, The Venetia Fair, Terrible Things, Go Radio, The Ground Breaking Ceremony and Less Than Jake. I wasn't able to catch the full set of Terrible Things because it interfered with Patent Pending, and I wasn't able to see The Ground Breaking Ceremony because they were bumped due to their stage arriving late. Psh, so not fair.

But I did get to see Less than Jake! Who brought a kid on stage, shaved his head to a mohawk and had three girls come up and make out with him.

I was able to check out The Venetia Fair. Who is nuts!

See the guy hanging upside down in the back there, yeah while at their merch tent, he took my hand and had me try to choke him. I politely told him I rather not kill him, I mean I did go to Warped specifically to see his band play.

And the best! I got to see Patent Pending. They are so great.
I never get photos of the entire band at once.

So three separates are fine. I think Marc is the only dude that can pull off an American flag shirt like that. So cool.

Go Radio was the last band I saw. Jason has such a great voice! I met them after their set, and they are the nicest guys. 

I also got to see this awesomely creepy tree! Starving, after the show we stopped at Mcdonalds. They had a huge play place outside, with these really scary trees. Totally wouldn't want to sit near him while eating, it's just uncomfortable.
So to conclude Warped Tour... Being it was 99 degrees, literally the hottest day of summer so far, the heat was more than slightly terrible. It was annoying to find myself one of the only girls who kept their clothes on (bikini tops and bras seemed to be the fashion of choice). I didn't get as much free stuff as I had in previous years and my soft pretzel was rock hard! However the bands I saw/met were way awesome and that's all that matters at Warped Tour. I'm kinda hoping the few I did see extend their days on tour until the first week of August, because there might be a slight chance I'll be going to another Warped Tour. But where I'm going is a secret/surprise, so I have to keep quiet.

Goodness what a cliff hanger...

"So fight fight cause you're fighting for your life. Somebody call a medic she just went automatic. Hands up like you're reaching for the sky."

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