Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 88!

There are two things that I live for. One is going to shows and two...


I've spent more birthdays playing laser tag than probably eating cake (I'm not one for cake though). I wanted to plan a game of laser tag for my birthday again, however I may have class that day and my birthday is in August, and who wants to wait that long? Especially when Funtime America just bought new guns that actually work, unlike their old ones. So I planned a group game of laser tag. I can't even explain how psyched I was to play, I love running around with a laser gun. So hyper, I was yelling that everyone was going down, I'm the master of laser tag and blah, blah, blah. Clearly I am all talk. With these new laser guns we get score cards, telling you which team, blue or red, won and then your individual score. Yeah my team lost and out of ten people playing, I'm not even going to say how awful I did. But obviously I need to work on my aim.

The second game I did amazingly better. My team won and I got SECOND PLACE! Which I tied for with my sister. On the score card I'm The Borg. Don't know where these names came from, we definitely didn't pick them out. lol.

Here are a few of us from laser tag after the first game. From left to right. Bill, Heather, Blake, Garvin, Dan and me. Taking the photo was Maria, and in the arcade cooling off was Rachael, Roger, and Todd.

There's this place not too far that has outdoor laser tag, it's $25 for 90 minutes. The players take it extremely seriously and it seems intense. I'm thinking we're going to have to plan a game at this place soon. Anyone in?

"These kids are all kill, no thrill."

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