Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The little bit of random...

I posted nearly 20 photos about my PA day trip and honestly there was so much more I wanted to post about and didn't. So I'm doing a side post about "Day 86!", adding my side comments. 
First, I've realized how I explained that the trestle frightened me some, it made me seem very much a wuss. While that might be semi-true, I'd like you to look at it at my point. Look at those gaps between the wood, and look at that distance down. Also look at that rotting, broken wood.
Also take a look at this stunt. Okay yeah I was ten at the time, but I did this when I was 18 as well, with taller dudes. Also did this with the bases' arms fully extended, while I stood on one foot. 
"I laugh in the face of danger."(Lion King reference, bet Rachael caught that one ) Okay, not really, but heights aren't not my thing. Okay? lol.
So some of the graffiti at the ruins was done very nicely. I will admit, this is talent. They painted The Eye of Horus beautifully.
However this sucked. They made me do it? First off, the typography is nothing like the movie (Donnie Darko). And that is the poorest attempt at Frank the bunny ever. He was shot in his eye, not the nose!
Just so you can see for yourself.

I love how hardcore the kids are that come here. They trash the place, party a bit, drinking/doing drugs and then spray up the walls with their emo lyrics! Nothing against Brand New at all, I do love them and their lyrics. But you kids aren't as hardcore as you think you are. Someone even sprayed "All you need is love" on a wall as well. The hardcore.

Life won't wait and I guess neither will you. Can't wait till you are 21 to party at a bar and not the woods... Sorry for the hostility, I guess because I don't drink I'm very much against underage drinking. As well as defacing private property. But you know trespassing I'm cool with. lol
While I don't like tagging buildings and graffitiing, I did find these pretty cool.

I especially like how the wall broke down.
I am convinced that this is the Maniac symbol. Supposedly the guys have said its been spotted around a lot lately. 
What do you think?

Since I'm short, I couldn't see inside to read the rest of this, but I'm fairly certain that the rest says "I AM A SATYR." Because that's exactly what a half man, half goat is. Which is awesome.

Now, I've saved the best/most important for last. I NEED HELP! The room with the creepy chair left abandoned reminded me of a music video and I can't figure out which one! I'm convinced it's from the early 2000's, however maybe it's a very recent video. I'm not sure. Can anyone think of the music video I'm picturing? Click the photo to make it larger, that might help. If anyone is to figure this out, I swear I will reward them. I seriously spent the better half of yesterday on youtube trying to figure it out. But nope nothing.

My sister and I went over a bunch of bands that it could be, here's what we got: Korn, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, The Offspring, Sevendust and Blink 182 (possibly Adam's Song). Even with all these bands we still can't figure out the video though. Help!

"Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit? Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?"

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