Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 59!

I thought of a paper topic! Finally. And it might sound confusing, or it might just simply be confusing but I found something to write about...

I believe in being spontaneous. Because I believe after every spontaneous action, an intended reaction will shortly follow. What I explained in my paper was that with a routine the same results happen over and over, but if you deviate from your daily routine, something different will happen, and it was meant to happen. I use finding Kevin the swan as an example. If Dan and I weren't spontaneous that day, we would have never went to the park, we would have never wandered into the back of the park, nor would we have found Kevin and saved him. We were meant to find him.

I want to start being more spontaneous for its "intended effects". I started yesterday actually. There is a homeless man I see almost everyday on my way to school. He usually sits in the entrance way of Sephora around 7am, with a little white dog on his lap. I hope this isn't too mean, but the dog breaks my heart more than the man does. That dog must have the saddest face on earth. So yesterday I grabbed a small pouch of Scout's dog food and brought it with me to the city. And on impulse, I sat with the man, just to ask about the dog and offer him the food. After ten minutes of talking with him, I found out he wasn't so homeless after all. Two cellphones, a video camera, a laptop and he actually told me where he lived. I was surprised, but truthfully happy. I worried for the small dog, whose name is Abby Amanda, I was actually going to give him the offer, if he ever thought he couldn't take care of the dog any further, that my family would take her in a heart beat. Obviously the man is capable of taking care of her, which is good.

I guess the intended reaction was for me to find out that he wasn't homeless and the dog was fine, and I didn't need to worry. I have no pictures of the man, because well that would be weird to ask of, so instead, during the College common hour, I went out and took some pictures in the nice weather. I guess that could be a spontaneous action, the intended reaction....having pictures for my post since I didn't have  any of the man and his dog? Hmm, okay that works.

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