Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 119!

Remember that awesome craft store RagShop? Whatever happened to that place? I know. It happens to be in room. Or maybe a better way to explain the ridiculous amounts of craft supply I have...You know in the city those Staples Express stores, just consisting of the necessities like pens, folders and binder clips, but not those super fancy leather briefcases at a regular Staples store... Hmm yes, I have a RagShop Express under my bed, in my closet, coming out of my desk drawers.

What do you expect with five years of Odyssey of the Mind, once working at a craft store and being a visual major.

Well because of my express store I get nominated to do things like "Hey can you write my coworkers name in glitter on this stocking?" or "I have this stress ball I need you to decorate." Yeah...

Everyone at my mother's work has one of these stress balls, but in white. One of the girls keeps her's looking like a ghost, but for Christmas decided to make a cute snowman. Having to top her, another girl made hers look like a penguin. Very adorable. What isn't adorable though, bragging about how awesome your penguin looks compared to the snowman. No not cool. Not planning to decorate hers, my mom then decided she needed to make her stress ball more awesome than the penguin. And of course I was given the job to do so.

The penguin is really cute, you can't deny it.

Well trying to decide on what it should be, a snowman or maybe a gingerbread man I thought an angel would be cute.

Sorry for the poor photo, I took it fast before my mom took it to work.
It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty cute. Equal to the penguin maybe?

"Don't bother Angel, I know exactly what goes on."

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