Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 120!

"Linus is right, I won't let all this commercialism ruin my Christmas."

With all the meaningless Christmas stuff going on, like shopping 24/7 (it kills me some stores are open 24 hours till Christmas), it's hard to get in the Christmas spirit. I blame retail for really killing my spirit. So in attempt to keep the spirit I came up with my 12 favorite things about the holiday season. These are the things that scream it's Christmas time in my house, not the 100 wrapped gifts under my tree.

1. An advent calendar. My mom has been buying these for us since we were little kids. It's the worst chocolate imaginable. I don't even open them, but it's not Christmas till I have this.

2. Holiday dishes! I love seasonal dishes! Especially Christmas ones.

3.  Penguins everywhere. My grandma loved penguins and every Christmas we'd buy her a one. Since she passed though, we now have all her penguins.

4. Cookies. Christmas at my house means a mound of cookies on the table. This is seriously nothing compared to how it was 2 days ago and how it'll look in 2 days when my mom bakes the rest of the dough in the fridge.

5. Santa on a fire truck. Every year he comes around my neighborhood to pelt hand candy canes to the kids.

6. Holiday dish towels! Not as awesome as dishes, but way up there.

7. Santa's answering machine ornament. When you press it is it says "Ho, ho, ho. I'm out packing my sleigh right now. So be sure to leave your Christmas wishes. Wait for the jingle bells." As a child I swore my messages would really get to Santa this way and I would tell the answering machine what I wanted.

8. A fridge full of food, and nothing to eat! My mom stocks up on food through out the month and cooks way early in the week to prepare. The fridge is filled with food just for Christmas, and all I think I can have in there is the milk, possibly some Brita water.

9. I love Christmas movies. I watched a few already, I haven't gotten to "Olive, the Other Reindeer" yet. It's one of my favorites.

10. Christmas knickknacks.  They cover every nook and cranny of my house. They're every where.

And I mean everywhere.

11. This little thing has to be filled with some kind of chocolate, preferably m&m's, or it's not Christmas.

12. I always had a star on the mini christmas tree I have in my room. But one year I really wanted an angel. Being it's a small tree, it was kinda hard to find. So I made a monkey doll I had into an angel. That was probably about 7+ years ago and he still sits on my tree under the star.

"These are a few of my favorite things. All of those flavors and this is what you choose. Past the blues, past the blues"