Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The little bit of random...

In the city yesterday afternoon, I was walking down 7th between 29th and 30th heading to Penn, hoping to catch the next train home. While I'm walking I see this guy walking in the opposite direction.... (no self-taken photo for several reasons. One, I was late. Two, I don't like the whole bothering "celebrities" on the street thing, just leave them be. Anddd three, if I didn't take a picture of Jake Gyllenhaall or Jim Carrey, I wasn't about to take one of this guy either lol)

If you don't know who he is, his name is Nat, one of the two members in the "band" 3OH!3. I have to be honest, their music does nothing for me, I'm not too fond of them in the slightest. Between their videos, lyrics and overall appearance, I find them to be quite scuzzy.
However in person Nat is actually a pretty good looking dude. So I'm assuming that whole "lets not shower and wear dirty clothing" concept is just for TV, because he was dressed pretty nice, as well as his hair seemed to lack the usual greasy look.
With that said, I now question... if the guys of 3OH!3 only look dirty in the media because it's just for television's sake, does that go the same for their lyrics? Is it only for television's sake as well? Because I definitely watched Nat go to a street vendor and order a hot dog...but lyrics in one of his songs states he doesn't eat meat.
"Tell your boyfriend, if he says he's got beef, that I'm a vegetarian and I ain't          scared of him"
(From the song "Don't Trust Me")

So 3OH!3, are you just a lie, is it all an act? Or Nat, did I just happen to catch you the one time you ever showered, ordering food for someone else? Hmmmm. Life's mysteries, I know lol.

I just reread my post and I feel this is probably my snottiest post ever. To be a little nicer, and a bit more honest, I do find their music to be pretty catchy, not my favorite but "I'm Not Your Boyfriend" is actually on my iPod under my Random Dance playlist. I feel like I just went to confession for saying that.

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  1. My brother worked in a studio in the 1980's and some of the big "hair" bands of the day work big "hair" wigs on their bald heads. It's just entertainment, not reality!