Sunday, March 6, 2011

The little bit of random...

My dog Scout is the kind of dog that needs to be held all the time, and he is spoiled beyond belief. I carry him around in my arms more than any owner should, and he loves it. I'm not sure how it is comfortable, but when I'm sitting at my computer, either at my desk, the kitchen table, or my bed, Scout has this need to sit with me, or really on me*. Not every time, but many of the times, I turn on my webcam and try to get a shot of him being his cute self.

It might sound as if I'm complaining about Scout, but there's nothing farther than the truth. Most of the time, even before he scratches at me, I pick him up and carry him around the house to do laundry, or find something to eat. Plus he cuddles better than any stuffed animal, he keeps you warm when you're watching tv on the couch, and he gives the best "Scoutie kisses".

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