Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The little bit of random...

This was the best.

So a couple of weeks ago I posted about a project I had to do for class. I had to make a flyer getting people to call a number and leave me a message. Here's the post Call Dave. Even though my professor didn't really like my idea I wanted to prove to him it would work. A week before we had to actually post the flyers I went to see Motion City Soundtrack at Irving Plaza and I decided to write Dave's number outside on the wall and left the number in the girls bathroom, just for the hell of it. Was that stupid of me to publicly announce I graffitied? Oh well lol. Anyways, I got one text from that number the night of and nothing else. Until Wednesday night around midnight I get a call from a bunch of dudes looking for Dave, apparently the number is still on the wall outside Irving Plaza. I find this absolutely hysterical because I wrote the number over a month ago and my professor actually cancelled the project once he found out it was illegal to post flyers without permission. Who knew?

But anyways, thanks random guys for making my day and leaving me a message. You proved my professor wrong, that someone would indeed leave a message.
You're the best!

Here's the message, if anyone cares to listen.

"Teenage graffiti, slam the door when you're defeated. We're all a victim if you give us time, we're all of victim of the times."

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