Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 104!

New Hope!
Well actually..Lambertville!

For the weekend Dan and I went to New Hope/Lamberville. It's the cutest area. New Hope is a little town in Pennsylvania and over a small bridge, across the Delaware River, is Lambertville, another small town, considered to be Jersey.

There's not a ridiculous amount of things to do there, mostly expensive restaurants, antique shops, old book stores and novelties stores, but every year we go. I just love the atmosphere of this place.

Dan got us a really nice hotel to say at for the night, it was right on the water. We had the San Francisco room. Not sure why it was called that, nothing seemed very San Fran like, however the room was beautiful. We had the coolest electric fire place and these fancy fake flowers!
Here is a the view, not from the room, but from the parking lot. So pretty. When the leaves start changing I'm sure it'll be stunning.

And here is Dan on the phone in the parking lot. Trying to figure out who to call when you lock your keys in the car. Can't have a trip without one mishap with us. lol

"Broke the window, who needs car keys anyway?"

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