Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 105!

Bowie completed! 

I don't brag about the things I do often, it's not me. So if I happen to like something I do it's sort of a big deal. A couple of weeks ago I was working on an 18x24" drawing of Bowie for class. It was my first attempt at EVER drawing a person before. While this isn't perfect at all, I think for my first drawing of a person, it's pretty decent.

Sorry for the camera phone photo here, I took this in class. 

 I mean it's not fantastic-fantastic, a little weird looking, but you have to also realize how weird Bowie looked during his Ziggy Stardust days. Anyways, I had to present this to the class and after hearing about the pupils being two different sizes (Bowie's pupils are actually two different sizes in real life) and how feminine he looks (Is Bowie not one of the most feminine dudes ever?) it was slightly ripped apart for having a Frankenstein appearance and an odd finger. You have to expect criticism and you have to learn to accept it, but even weeks after the fact, I'm still annoyed about this. It's not about my poor drawing skills, I totally get that. Really it's about the ignorance of criticizing the parts of the drawing that are supposed to be the way they are. Bowie's pupils are two different sizes, have they never noticed that before? Even if you thought they were two different colors, which most do think is the case, there are supposed to be irregularities in his eyes of course. I guess being in a fashion school, talking about a fashion icon, I wouldn't expect them to question such an obvious trait of his. Or maybe I'm just bitter about the critique and obsessed with Bowie lol.

"Yeah, it's over. You can bet in mid-October, I will still be ranting 'bout early May."

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