Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 19!

Monday through Thursday I get on a super early 5:34 AM train into NYC.
All in the name of an education lol. I honestly thought I'd get used to it, since
I've been getting up at 3 am since August 23rd, but no not a chance. My brain
hardly functions in the morning, and here is my proof...
As it usually happens on the train, if I'm lucky enough to find a seat to myself,
it doesn't stay mine for long. It's kinda expected that you'll be sharing a seat,
which kinda sucks, but it happens. Thursday, a girl with long dark hair came
and sat next to me. Which was cool and all until she fell asleep. The girl was
out within three minutes, snoring. She leaned her head forward where her hair
covered her entire face, and then slowly started leaning towards me. Honestly it
was creepy. Not for the fact that I thought she was soon going to fall into me, but
because I couldn't help but think she looked like the chick from The Ring. For
some reason I was feeling brave and I snapped a quick photo of her on my phone
to show Dan. I think about it now and I wonder..what would I have done
if she awoke and caught me? I blame it on the early morning, and the lack of sleep.
Picture does no justice to her creepiness.

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