Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 5!

Like old times, Dan and I decided to go to Kennedy Park for an
early (6:30 am) walk. Unfortunately we brought our cameras
and spent more time taking pictures than actually walking....

So after Kevin the swan died last year, Dan and I were really
worried if we'd ever see more swans at the park. Well guess what..
We did! We named the two Kevin Jr. and Kevina. They were too
adorable. And I think Mr. Swan knew that because he almost killed
Dan and I for getting too close. Okay not killed, but he wasn't too
happy with us taking pics of his babies. He was one large angry dad!
With his neck fully extended he was practically my height. Which
made us realize, Kevin was most likely a girl and not a boy swan.
(Def made the same mistake as Russel in UP!)

Now, anytime I go to Kennedy park I find something
weird, as an example...this coconut. This is either our 5th
or 6th found coconut, in the last year. I don't quite
understand where they are coming from.

It's as weird as this duck.
Is this not the scariest duck ever? He's as evil as he looks.

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