Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 6!

For slightly over three years now, we have had a mini
chocolate easter bunny in my fridge. Sounds kinda weird
but it was my grandmothers. We bought it for her, but she
never got the chance to eat it. No one in my house had it in
them to throw out the bunny because it was hers.
Well last night, probably until like four am, my brother had
his friends over for his birthday. My mom no doubt filled
the fridge up with junk food and yet, someone thought it was
okay to eat my grandma's easter bunny, which was at the bottom
of the fridge. At first I was really upset by this, but then I thought
about it. Someone ate a 3+ year old chocolate bunny, eww! And boy
are they going to be sick.
Anyways I decided to do a display for my grandmother because
of what happened. This is her old sewing box, and a necklace
she had gotten made for me from an earring she had.

I'm trying more visual techniques from the book

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