Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 8!

This is just too impossible to see what it is. I wasn't able to use
my fancy camera nor was I able to use my not-so-fancy regular
camera, I had to use my junky camera phone. So this is a
terrible picture of a crayfish. And I find it crazy that Dan and
I found this guy in Kennedy Park. Yes they are freshwater crustaceans,
but this was at Kennedy Park?! I'm starting to wonder what's not at
that park.... Red Pandas? Got 'em. Hippopotamuses? Got 'em.
Abominable Snow Monster? Got it. Okay, not really lol...but we do have
random animals there that you wouldn't even realize.
It was strange when we found him too, he wasn't even coming
from the water, but the other direction. Walking down the path that goes
along the lake, we see this rather large looking bug walking under the
light of a lamp post. And being the girl that I am, I screamed. From a
distance it looked like a gigantic spider. Not only that, the lights went
out, and we couldn't see a thing and stepping on something that huge
just wouldn't be pretty. Anyways, Dan picked the guy up and we realized
he was a crayfish, and found it weird he wasn't closer to the water. I wanted
to take a better picture of him, so Dan attempted to carry him to the car
so I could get my camera. But the crayfish just wouldn't have it. Not to kill
him or traumatize him any further, Dan put him back in the lake.

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