Saturday, July 17, 2010

The little bit of random...

For some reason I can't sleep. It's a summer thing I assume,
because this happens every summer. Sporadically there will
be nights I lay awake, not tired enough to sleep but too tired
to do anything productive. Of all the nights that this could
happen though, I think tonight was well chosen. Nickelodeon
is playing a marathon of Rocko's Modern Life and I have to
admit I'm excited!

I just finished watching the Fish-N- Chumps episode and it
just makes me laugh. I don't know which is better, Crappie Jack
the pirate, or the face on this worm lol.
I miss 90's cartoons, there's simply nothing better.
Next episode..."Turn the page, wash your hands..."
I love how my family still quotes Rocko's Modern Life.

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