Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 103!


This was the meet and greet. Heather, Dan and I purposely wore our large geek glasses to get into MCS character. We also made lame faces because...well I don't know why, but it was requested by Heather and it seems in the second photo Justin was the only one that followed us on that.

The guy in the back with the maroon shirt on, he's Paul. We met him at the show, super cool dude. Also if you are ever in need of attention, you should go to American Apparel and buy the tights I am wearing here. I can't tell you how many people stop, stare or ask if those are tattoos. How random of a tattoo that would be.
Hey look at that, I sorta figured out my camera.

For the most part at a show I like to be in the crowd, not as if I can see better, because being just under 5'1 I can never see over anyone. However, I don't like being up against the barricade because sometimes shows get intense and bruised ribcages have happened before. Somewhere in the back or middle is where I like to be. I like the whole experience of the show. The heat, the loud music, moving with the crowd, being pushed from the crazy mosh pit and sticking to the floor from usually a spilt beer. I love that stuff. However this show, both days, I stood up on the balcony to see better. I greatly regret it. I missed out on all the fun. Look at that awesome crowd.

Aren't they amazing?

"Will we be alright left alone tonight? Will we get lost slowly drifting through these dead and lonesome heights?"

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