Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The little bit of random...

I'm currently at school, on my break, and I decided to look at my blog. My goodness is it a mess! Nothing is centered, my captions aren't under the photos as they should be, it's terrible. Does this look that way to anyone else, or is it just the computers at my school? If not, I'm going to assume since I use a Mac and I'm checking the blog from a PC that it makes some sort of difference.

 I don't have a photo for this post about my blog mayhem. So instead, I have photos from the weekend!

I went geocacheing with Dan and Chris. It was soo cool. If you don't know what geocacheing is, check it out. Geocaching. It's not too hard to explain, but it's easier just to check out the site. Here is the first geocache we found. It's hidden in between all that wood. There were a total of three of them that we went to. I found this one!

Here is the third geocache, Chris found this one. Dan found the second one, I forgot to take a photo of that one though. Out of all the geocaches, this third one was the best. There were a lot of old toys in there, like old Hot Wheels cars/trucks and a Mickey Mouse Weeble Wobble! lol. I actually took the Weeble Wobble in exchange for a white Juicebox bracelet. I say it was a good deal.

"Cause you've got a treasure to find. So shed those leaves that you lie underneath"

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