Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 100!

Whoa! I got to my 100th post before the end of the summer! Goal completed. Sorta. Now if I could only get to the 365th post.

Calm before the storm...

The morning of Hurricane Irene I went to my backyard and it was the creepiest thing. Not a sound, not a single sound from an animal. There were no crickets, birds, or squirrels about and it was creepy. Since animals have better instincts than us and can tell when there is danger on the way, Hurricane Irene being it, it scared me a bit to know they were gone, taking cover. Luckily where I was, there wasn't much damage from the hurricane, especially in comparison to other parts of the east coast.

However Jersey did get hit hard, no doubt. Lots of beach erosion, fallen trees, crushed houses, cars, my mom's garden, and flooded streets and homes.

I didn't take this picture, I took it from NJ News 12's website. The wave might not look so big, but then compare it to the pier. Huge!

If anyone else experienced the hurricane, they also experienced that ridiculous madness it caused at grocery stores. I will admit, my family was a part of the madness. Stocking up on nonperishables, cases and cases of water, freezing bottles, making ice, buying way too many flashlights, with extra batteries of course and bringing in all the yard furniture, is what my family did to prepare for the storm. My precautions were much different. Backed up my computer, made sure my iPod was fully charge, stocked up on clif bars and showered the night before, just in case we lacked hot water, or just water. Neither of our precautions were exactly needed. lol. Which was good or course, because now we have an unlimited supply of batteries so we can continuously make shadow puppets with the flashlights. Plus we don't need to step into BJ's for at least two weeks with all the water we have! It's a win, win.

"And it's just what I need. To get me through the storm tonight. Whoa, I don't have to be afraid of the wind. And that's good to know. 'Cause I've heard it all before. But I'm walking on water now."

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