Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 97!

Vacation day 7!
The last day of vacation as well as the saddest.
I can't explain how much I didn't want to go home yet.

So while I was in the house waiting for everyone to get ready so we could spend our last day in Colorado at Estes Park, I sat by the window using my zoom lens. As I attempted to take a shot of this flower, I noticed something move.

Now let me remind you, I was in the house, which was far across the street, and not directly across but there was a house and sidewalk and a little bit of a field between us. So I put my camera down to look and I completely thought I have finally seen a wild animal on vacation. A coyote! Quickly I zoom in with my camera and snap a shot. Without showing her my camera first, I called my mom over, as well as my sister and we are completely convinced in the woods we see a coyote! Yeah and then I zoomed in further at the animal on my camera to really looked at it...Not only is this animal fenced in to what seems to be someone's front yard, there is a collar around the animal's neck. So my coyote in all actuality was a German Shepherd lol. My mom denied it and was trying to convince me that it was a wild animal, but as I spied into this person's yard I could see the dog play fetch with a woman. Clearly he wasn't wild.
Still. Can't. Get. Over. The. Snow. On. The. Mountains!

Before heading to Estes Park, we stopped off at Lyons. A very cute town, but everything was closed since it was Monday. Psh.

There's something about old trains, they freak me out at the same time I find them intriguing. 

Are you sick of snowy mountain photos yet?

I took this photo on the way home from Estes Park, on I-25 N. This isn't the exact spot, but pretty close to it....So the entire vacation I had my camera with me, taking photos of everything possible. The one time I didn't, the one time I had it packed away so I could read directions to the airport was the one time I really really should have had it out. As we drove, I stared out at the fields, and out of no where a coyote walks out and is on the side of the road. A real coyote this time! Not someone's pet. I freaked out in excitement and couldn't get my camera out soon enough. It took me to the very last hour of vacation for me to finally see a real wild animal. It was pretty awesome.

"Can I just be here one more day, until my sunburn fades away? I'm taking pictures of everything to remind me of the place that's so perfect for me and I'm taking pictures of everything. So go ahead and take this place away from me."

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