Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 96!

Vacation day 6!

Outside of my aunt and uncle's neighborhood was this huge open area with prairie dogs! Despite the annoying holes they make, they are so cute! They wouldn't let me get very close at all, and they are extremely fast, so this was the best I could do with getting photos of them.

When we came home after taking photos of the prairie dogs, we saw the "kids" had left the nest! Even though they are adorable, don't they look like angry old men?

I'm so envious that this is their view from their back yard, all farmland.

 They even have cows!

So southern looking (even though we were in the midwest). One of my favorite parts of the trip, I felt so country. We were driving in a pickup truck, down a country road, with farmland on both sides listening to country music. It was great.

More children!

Look how chubby the one on the right is. lol.

My Aunt Honey is the sweetest person. Remembering I had a four leaf clover bracelet the last time I saw her, she gave me her clover ring, something to remember her by. She gave my sister a beutiful bracelet, and my brother was given one of my Uncle Frankie's rings. I love this ring.

"But to build a mountain, see I thought we all know you gotta dig a hole. Not everybody knows, we're just digging holes."

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