Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 98!

 Jim Thorpe, PA!

I've been here once before and I find it to be one of the cutest places. There's not much to it, just a few streets of shops and cafes, a train and a visitor center.

However just a little outside the town there is the Lehigh Valley river with whitewater rafting and the Lehigh Gorge with hiking trails. Obviously considered a difficult hiking trail, not much of a path here.
As in Colorado, I was hoping to see some animals in the wilderness. Sadly I only caught a glimpse of a Dan in the bushes.

While there were no wild animals there was an awesome water fall.
This is the bottom of the huge waterfall at the top of the trail. It's supposed to be beautiful and about 75 feet high. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get to it. It would take a few hours to reach the waterfall and not as if I wasn't up for the challenge or didn't want to be outside that long, but really I wasn't prepared for the hike, lacking snacks, water and the proper shoes. Maybe next time.

The small one was pretty awesome itself.

Randomly growing on a fallen tree was this cute little red mushroom.

After taking a 100 photos of the waterfall we walked back down the trail and I swear we found a treasure chest! It was pretty deep in the ground though so there wasn't a chance of us pulling it out. 

Scenic train ride!
How cute is this?
I'll say it again, there's something about old trains that freak me out at the same time I find them intriguing. 
For most of the train ride you couldn't see much because there were trees in the way of the river.  I still attempted to take photos either way,  Dan instead decided to take a nap. Psh lol.

If you are ever to visit Jim Thorpe, you should definitly do so in the fall. They have so much more going on in the autumn months, and being in the mountains with all those trees with their leaves changing, the scene is stunning.

"I know I've seen this day before, and I'm sure, I'll probably see it again."

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