Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 93!

Vacation day 3!

First stop was the Denver Art Museum. I'm going to be honest, I'm very much spoiled when it comes to museums because I only live a train ride away from the city, so a lot of the art didn't impress me that much. Also I prefer to look at old art as opposed to modern art. However the sculptures at the museum were rather interesting.

This reminded me of artwork by Shawn Harris.
This was outside the museum, it was huge.
I absolutely loved the plaque that was beside the giant broom and dustpan. I'm glad it was there, it cleared up a lot of confusion.

I, for the most part, opt out of drinking soda or juice and only really drink water. I don't particularly like water, but I know it's the healthier option, so that's why I drink it. Never have I ever said wow that's good water, until I went to this place. I'm not sure why, but this was the best tasting water I have ever, ever had. The food was delicious too, but the water was exceptional.


And I thought the turtles at Kennedy park were huge. 

Not sure how a tiger fits in at an aquarium, but still really awesome.

I want this for my house.

Is it safe to stand over the shark tank on a piece of plexiglass?

It probably took me 25 shots to get this photo. He was so fast! This was probably one of the coolest fish there, he was like a Lisa Frank colored fish. How awesome.

At the end of the aquarium there was this incredible bar/restaurant. The interior design was amazing.

It was freaking me out how nice everyone was in Colorado. I'm simply not used to that at all, being I live in the tri-state area. But then I thought about it, when you get to see this every day, how can you not be in a pleasant mood?

Too early to go back to the hotel after the aquarium, but too late to actually go anywhere we drove to Boulder. It was getting late and all the shops on Pearl Street were closing up, so we decided to stop on the side of the road and take some pictures.

I stuck my hand in this water and it actually cramped up because it was so cold. I guess you can't expect much when the water rushing down is from the melting snow on the mountains tops.

We didn't stay too long in Boulder since it was getting dark. My mother was freaking out, afraid of bears, coyotes or mountain lions (oh my!) in the woods. Plus there are no street lights and driving on twisty roads in the pitch black is quite scary/ unsafe.

"This is where the sunsets baby. This is where it all makes sense again."

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