Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 95!

Vacation day 5!
I just couldn't get over the snow on the mountains. I was completely in awe by it!

I mean how crazy of a temperature change? It was about 93 degrees out, seriously wearing shorts and a tank top, and there's snow on the mountains!

Red Rocks Amphitheater!

I would loooove to see a show with this kind of view in the background. Nothing that interested us was playing during our stay though. But I did get to watch sound check, which was pretty cool. 

This place sure as hell beats PNC.

Doesn't the front of this scene look like Mr Rogers' Neighborhood? It totally does. Denver also looks bit hazy back there.

When I took this photo I stood in my sister's way and when I asked if I was in her way she said "Nah, it's okay." But a girl behind her said under her breath "Yeah but you're in my way." You can always tell the difference between the tourists and locals. The locals are extremely nice (as well as extremely fit). While the tourists, not so much. She was obviously a tourist.

My Aunt Honey and Uncle Frankie's house! That's who we were surprising. While they used to live in Virginia, in their various houses, we would visit my aunt and uncle nearly every summer. I loved going. They are probably the coolest older people, both hysterical with a lot of life experiences and stories. Also my aunt has a few stories of my Nanny (her sister who passed away) and my Grandmother (her friend, that too passed away) and I like hearing about them. But since they've moved to Colorado we haven't seen them in five years. So it was kinda awesome being there. I didn't get a shot of the house, not sure why, but here is a shot of their "kids". A swallow had made a nest above their door and laid two eggs. The birds are almost ready to fly!

"Are you happy in Colorado, with the mountains? Did you like them? Did you find what you’re looking for?"

I had to use this song, it's about a girl in Colorado, while a boy is in Massachusetts. I obviously was in Colorado at the time, and Dan happened to be in Massachusetts. So fitting.

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