Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 92!

Vacation day 2!

Technically I'm back from vacation and today is actually the 9th, but with a poor internet connection at the hotel and then not being able to get online at my aunt and uncle's house I wasn't able to post a thing. So I'll be posting photos from each day of vacation super soon. Also being that vacation is over I'm allowed to say where I was...Denver, Colorado! This was the farthest vacation I've ever taken with the whole family and it was by far the prettiest.

Many of my photos were taken in the car so they may not be the best, also photos do no justice to how beautiful this place is, as well as how tall the mountains are and how high up them I was.

This was taken while driving down 25-S I believe, on the way to Colorado Springs. I really wish this was my scenery driving down the GS parkway.

When driving we stopped off on the shoulder to take some pictures. I was super excited to see the US Air Force planes take off and all but then I saw a cactus and I've never seen one not in a flower pot or on a store shelf.

Sunflowers grew everywhere in Colorado and I loved that.

In total I took exactly 850 photos while I was gone, and granted 425 of them were me trying to adjust the lighting or retaking blurry photos, but about 350 of them were like this, super pretty mountains.

It was crazy how high up I was for this photo. It was the scariest thing driving up some of the mountains. This particular one was the worst. Not only was the road super small, there were constant twist and turns which would make anyone dizzy, and there were no guard rails. Still I can't get over that.

The Garden of the Gods!

This place was awesome, and I wish we were able to stay here longer.

While at the park, there was this amazingly brave guy rock climbing.

This pigeon totally showed him up though.

So parks without graffiti, litter and rowdy kids exist?

It killed me that the sky was getting dark from the storm coming in, meaning we had to leave soon. There was so much exploring to be done.

I love how close we were to the clouds. However the higher you were the scarier the storm was. I had never heard thunder so loud, or seen lightning so bright as I did up there. We had to leave the park shortly after this shot.

Eventually I had to stop taking photos for the day too. Having the window open while it rained wasn't practical. Nor was taking photos from the window while it rained, couldn't focus too well on the mountains.

"And now she's a mile high and I'm on Texas time. She traded rattlesnakes for bunny runs in Colorado Springs. Yeah. There's no surf in Colorado anyway."

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