Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 150!

As my final project for Product Presentation, with a group of four others, I had to put together a large scale display with four vitrines all following our marketing campaign of Graphic Dynamic. Sounds fun and all until you are given your customer, style, medium and location. We had a conservative customer, our style was avant-garde, the medium was wood and our location of course had to be the one curved wall. Oh and did I mention our $200 budget? Could nothing be easy? Well our vitrines went fine, but our large scale display, yeah not so much. After presenting it we were asked to alter a few things that you couldn't deny were quite horrendous.

Buying new outfits, fixing the marketing, the floor, then lattice, Brittney and I spent about four hours adjusting the problems. Not ecstatic about the outcome however it's way better than what it was before. I hated that we failed the first time around with this. And we were so lucky to have another chance to fix it, that usually doesn't happen.

I wish the glare on the glass wasn't so bad so you could see the vitrines better. I actually really like how these came out.

This one was my favorite because from far away it kinda looked like an opitical illusion. Sorta like in Labyrinth when Sarah realizes theres a hidden entrance in the wall.

The three vitrines above are the ones I designed and put together, this bottom one wasn't me. The in store design of the bridge and main aisle was my idea, but not my photoshop work.

Our vitrines are in the second lobby of the 5th avenue building at school, and my group's displays are the first you see when walking up the steps, kinda sorta love that. 

"Why don't you get it together now, failure's not flattering."

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