Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 152!

A special post for Patent Pending.

Hey guys!

Sorry I'm sending you to this page, but I didn't want to simply tweet you a photo of what I wanted to show you with little explanation. Hope you don't mind!

As a final for one of my classes I had to design then build a point of purchase display. Basically it's a display placed near the register for impulse buys. I had to pick a fun product that I really liked. I figured picking a CD would be cool and specifically your album Attack of the Awesome because it's one of my favorite albums and the art work is really cool.

So for my final that's exactly what I did, I made a point of purchase display for Attack of the Awesome...and it sings. There's a button on the astronaut and when you press him you hear a 15 second clip of Air Underneath My Feet. Also something pretty cool, mine was one of two chosen to be displayed at school. So basically there's a Patent Pending advertisement at the 5th Avenue building of my college. Pretty awesome! Anyways, I just wanted to show you guys how you inspired my final project (and got me an A). Thanks!


PS: Good luck at Battle of the Bands!!

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