Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 166!

High Point, New Jersey!

Dan and I took a day trip to the highest point in New Jersey, High Point.

The view was amazing.
There is this extremely tall monument up there and you can take these spiral stairs to go up to the very top to see an even more stunning view (and you can see the mountains of NJ, PA and NY all at once), but after running the night before, taking one of the difficult/moderate trails in the woods, and it being 90 degrees out, we just couldn't make it. The air was so thick on top of that. I want to go back in the fall and try again when it's less hot out.
Here's the staircase up. Insane.
Turkey vulture!

There were so many butterflies there, it was so cool.

Model Shots: The Dan Edition

A blurry shot, but how cool is that sign? I wish I had Instagram because this would have been the epitome of an Instagram hipster photo!

"We'll have a bird's eye view of every single nation."

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