Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 135!

Not so long ago I wrote about a four part display I was doing. Here is the final update... It's done!
Basically I had to display one item as if it was being sold in four different ways. The item I picked were aviator sunglasses.
These photos aren't the greatest. I did them in a rush, so maybe I can post better photos after spring break. Let's hope they're still intact.

This is my Versace display. In the back you can see why I needed to dye plastic. The cellophane seemed to work quite well though.

This is J. Crew. My sketch made me think this display was going to be my best, and maybe because there is so much open space, I like this one the least. I also find that it looks more like a display at J. Crew's Liquor Store in Tribeca. Which isn't bad at all because I love that store's design, but I wasn't going for that. I do however find my picture frames to be kinda killer and I want to replicate the newspaper and polka dots in larger frames and hang them in my bedroom.

Macy's! This was the most nerve wracking, only for the fact that my professor works for Macy's and I really didn't want to mess this one up.

And lastly, my personal display. It was up to me how I wanted this one to look. So of course I made it music themed, using drumsticks, guitar strings (the background sunglasses) and a ridiculous amount of guitar picks (the floor). I was told it was sacrilege ruining those records for my background. It may have been, especially since I made sure to pick out decent music too. Rodger Daltrey, Chicago and J. Geils Band (the best!).

A girl asked me why I chose my store to be music related, especially since last semester I designed a music store. She wanted to know my deal with music. With little explanation I told her I really like music and that's all. But it's a bit more than that. So here's a more in depth response. I can probably relate anything to music, or a song without even trying ( i.e. closing my posts lol). Music has been my life since my dad would blast Bowie in the house making the walls shake (literally), music has been my obsession since I used to put on Spice Girl concerts for my grandparents, since I spent most of my high school years sitting side stage at Birch Hill or some other venue watching bands play or when I flew to California on whim to watch one of my favorite bands play their last show. It's one of my favorite things in life, so it makes sense to use it.  I mean if there is an opportunity to incorporate music, and it works in the context, why not use it, right?

"Do you belong to a song?"

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