Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 139!

A day in the city! As if I don't already spend my days there.

I had to go to another art exhibit for class. I specifically picked this certain one (which will stay unnamed) because the artist was the director of a movie my sister really likes. Also from the gallery's website the paintings seemed pretty interesting, with a Tim Burton sorta look. Well when I got there it do I describe it?

Basically I found the scenery out the window to hold my interest more than what was inside the building. Guess my views on contemporary art hasn't changed in the last month.

After the gallery I met up with Dan, heading to Gramercy to see the amazing...

This Providence!

Then Go Radio! Or as my sister accidentally called them "OK Go Radio". This was probably better than when my Stepdad said he was working for Sunday and Taking Back Thursday a few years back.

(OK) Go Radio was amazingly awesome, as well as This Providence. I'm hoping they get added to Warped Tour this year.

"And it's days like today life gets great."


  1. Ok, you can say it! It was a David Lynch exhibit!! I don't like his movies THAT much lol.

  2. Well I was trying to be nice and not call out the artist lol. And I changed how much you like his movies. Better?