Friday, March 16, 2012

The little bit of random...

"What is the dimensional difference between beauty and something repellent?"

Recently I wrote a paper about how the contemporary views of beauty shape the way I look at myself. Interesting topic because you can go either way with this, either blaming the media for being close minded with their commercial beauty through the use of fashion models and such, or praise the media for becoming more diverse, like with Dove and several makeup companies using more than the type A person.

I'm not going to say which way I went since it's not relevant right now... After I wrote my five page paper I thought for a moment, why do contemporary, or any views at all, shape the way I look at myself? I thought how ridiculous it was that outside factors have an influence over how I feel about myself. Is it fair?

So I you think the media and their idea of beauty shape the way you perceive yourself?

And I pose a second question...why do we let outside factors influence the way we feel about ourselves?

For my paper I quoted two Twilight Zone episodes. One being "Eye of the Beholder".

It's interesting that views of beauty change the way we look at ourselves. Here ideal beauty is the nurse and doctor. Ms. Tyler, in the middle, she's considered hideous. Now when you look at the faces, which is more appealing? Ms. Tyler of course, but because the pig-like faces next to her happen to be the norm  it's considered they are beautiful. Welcome to the Twilight Zone realities of today.

"Who makes all these rules and conditions and statute..."

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