Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 140!

Store update!

We have approximately 52 days until the store officially closes and already we are down a wall. I went in to work today to find a small wall but still a wall to be completely empty, which gets kinda sad because then you realize soon there will be several empty walls. Supposedly if we hit under 500 pieces in the store we'll close early. I'd like to keep my job as long as I can so here's hoping for slower days and less empty walls till the end!

I also found out the company that will be liquidating us will be sending us some people. They sent us a sample photo of what these people will be doing. I feel so bad for this poor dude having to stand on the side of Route 9 with this amazingly awful sign. Hopefully he gets paid well.

At Rag Shop they sent us a few guys like this, I remember some of them left their post and never came back. I'm fairly certain it's because there were young girls at my store who were slightly obsessing about them. I'd probably leave too.

"With every passing moment, it just keeps getting worse. The walls are getting smaller."

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