Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 22!

Ah how do I let this happen? Well over a month has gone passed! So terrible...
Anyways I thought today was a very important day and deserved recognition. Okay it's really not that important but I'd like to think so. Today I (willingly) had a bowl of cereal in an actual bowl. Like I said, not that important lol. For some reason whenever I eat cereal (for breakfast/lunch/dinner/3 am munchies) I eat it out of a cup. I'm convinced it just tastes better this way, though I know it can't be true but I'd like to think so. Well at home today we just switched our dishes to our holiday dishes! I looove seasonal dishes and that is why I decided I would eat out of a bowl like a normal person.

Not really sure where my seasonal dish obsession came from but isn't it cooler to eat your Kix out of a snowman bowl than your regular china? Again, I'd like to think so. The whole eating cereal out of a cup thing...I think I might have to blame my grandmother for that one. When I was little she used to make me scrambled eggs but only gave them to me in a bowl as opposed to a normal plate. Kinda backwards here aren't I? So cereal in cups and eggs in bowls. For the record though, I don't drink out of a plate, 'cause you know it's impossible and all lol.

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